Justin Bieber Forgets Song Lyrics On Stage With Ariana Grande

Published on March 31, 2015.
Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

Ariana Grande surprised her fans in Miami on March 28, bringing Justin Bieber onto the stage to perform with her — but there was a problem.

Justin forgot his lyrics!

Justin, 21, managed to sing the chorus of “Love Me Harder” as he filled in for The Weeknd, but it was obvious that he didn’t know the lyrics after that. Instead, he began dancing onstage and greeting nearby fans while Ariana, 21, kept on singing.  Check out the video to see his awkward concert moment!

Justin actually owned up to his mistake in front of everyone.

“I feel really bad. I forgot the lyrics, Ariana,” he said onstage. “I’ve been trying to remember them backstage for like an hour. I feel so bad. I’m so sorry.”

For her part, Ariana didn’t let it bother her. “No one could hear — everybody was screaming too loud! It’s okay!” she said, accepting his apology.

Justin also apologized on Instagram, posting a photo of their collaboration and telling his 24.4 million followers, “Had fun with u Ariana, even tho I forgot all the words haha.”

Justin has proven that he can certainly handle being embarrassed in public; he was also roasted on Comedy Central this week by everyone from Kevin Hart to Martha Stewart.

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