Justin Bieber Hangs On To Truck While Skateboarding (WATCH)!

Published on May 13, 2014. Updated October 15, 2014
Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com

Justin Bieber channeled his inner Marty McFly over the weekend, and posted a video to Instagram. He hopped on a skateboard, grabbed hold of a moving vehicle and went for a ride while some of his cronies captured video.

What are we supposed to say about this? It looks as if Justin was sober while performing his stunt? But without a helmet? Tsk, tsk.

The Biebs is not having a great year, but he may be having his most valuable year. He seems to be getting every ounce of douchey-ness out of his system in 2014.

Albeit, there was the incident that featured him allegedly spitting off the balcony on to people in 2013, and throwing water balloons at police officers in 2010… but those things were all in good fun.

Here’s the problem folks. No rule has ever applied to Justin Bieber. Scratch that. All rules have applied, he’s just never been held to the standard, not until this year. He has always gotten away with everything.

When Justin was a child, it looked as if he was actually a very cute, sweet kid. He didn’t understand that people would hate him for this cuteness later. And sadly, he listened to the king and queen dou-chays when he embarked upon a career in entertainment. Sadly, or perhaps sickly, his parents (clearly now we see where the seeds of lacking-intelligence were planted) allowed their son to be peddled as a sex symbol at 15 years old.

Justin Bieber is now a classic example of someone who needs to feel cool around everyone. He needs the build up from “friends” and fans. And so, let’s all act like it’s important that he set another p-poor example for anyone who follows him within the realm of social media. Here’s to hoping local law enforcement will charge him with something. Maybe at some point, this dude will actually get it.

Enjoy the video.

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