Justin Bieber Says Miranda Kerr Vowed To Make Him A Man

Published on August 5, 2014. Updated October 15, 2014
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According to Justin Bieber–a self-proclaimed reliable source–Miranda Kerr once told him that if given the opportunity, she’d make a man of him. And it seems this comment spurred the fracas between Justin and Orlando Bloom last week in Ibiza.

We can all agree that Justin Bieber is full of crap. And, for some reason, the 20 year old thought it a good idea to stir the pot last week, repeatedly. More details of the story are coming to light, and it seems that Orlando was in Ibiza, the invited guest of Leonardo DiCaprio, while Justin was there because he’s somehow everywhere at once.

As mentioned, according to The Biebs, Miranda Kerr once told him that a little time with her, and he would go from boy to man. Did she say something like this? Probably so. Why? Hmmm. Let’s call it the Jezebel spirit. Beautiful woman meets handsome, very influential man and she desires the conquest as well as the puppetry power. We’ve seen it a few times throughout history.

Or… considering a different context, maybe Miranda only ever offered a joke in passing, while she was working at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with Justin. Who knows, and who really cares. In the long run, both will be a blip in the book entitled, History of Everything That Ever Happened.

Bottom line, Justin proved that he was not, and is not anywhere close to being a man when he reportedly tossed a derogatory comment across a private gathering at the Ibiza restaurant… while surrounded by his security staff, of course.

Orlando has told more than a few media outlets that people are thanking him for confronting the Biebs, and some have gone so far as to call him a hero. It seems Justin keeps getting closer and closer to his inevitable reckoning.

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