Justin Bieber Vicious Egg Attack on Neighbor’s House – See The Video!

Published on January 15, 2014. Updated October 15, 2014

JStone / Shutterstock.comYou’ve been waiting for video of the infamous Justin Bieber egg attack, and now here it is. In all its glory. Nearly impossible to make out visually, but incredibly incriminating in terms of its auditory content. You can definitely hear Justin in the background, threatening that he has “another one” for his neighbor.

So. Let’s hit rewind. What is this all about?

Justin Bieber and his Calabasas neighbors don’t get along. They never have. The Biebs has been busted more than a few times cruising through the neighborhood at unsafe speeds, and he generally offers a virtual one-finger salute in regards to his community involvement. He’s not a big sharing type within the neighborhood. And he doesn’t welcome criticism for his bad behavior.

The latest incident was this alleged “egging” which took place last week on Thursday night. Nothing was so dramatic until this video surfaced with legit show of what went down. And it seems it’s just another case of the Biebs putting his lack of smarts on display.

What is most shocking about all of these allegations against the Biebs, is that no one has gone vigilante on his hindquarters. Former NFL star, Keyshawn Johnson, seems to have been the closest to really driving some fear into the young man after a neighborhood speeding incident. If we’re all honest, that’s probably what the arrogant Bieber needs: a good whoppin’. It would be ideal if the individual was of “less importance” in the grand scheme of things. No need to really bruise the body… just the ego.

Check out the video of the egg onslaught below. It’s really quite absurd.

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