Kate Gosselin And Kids Coming Back To TV

Published on August 20, 2014. Updated October 15, 2014
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Kate Gosselin and her eight kids returned to TV for a special when her brood turned ten — and now they’re back again!

TLC has ordered new episodes of Kate Plus Eight to air in December. The special episodes will follow Kate, 39, and her eight kids — Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel — as they enjoy a summer vacation in New England and then get ready to go back to school in the fall.

The kids’ father, Jon Gosselin, has said that he thinks being on TV isn’t healthy for them. “Developmentally, they have problems with their peers, and they have problems with talking to other people,” he said after the kids wrapped up their show in 2011 after four years of shooting.

“They have problems with wants and needs and manners and morals and what’s right and what’s wrong,” he said. “I think more so than someone who grows up off TV.”

But Kate disagrees. “We are who we are and we always will be whether we’re on camera or not,” she said in an interview. “I see absolutely no ill effects in my kids. In fact, they’re well-rounded, they’re smart, they’re well-traveled, and they can size up a person in a nanosecond.”

Check out the video for more about the new shows. Will you be watching?

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