Kendall Jenner Attacks Haters In New ‘Burn Book’ Video

Published on December 2, 2014.
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Kendall Jenner’s haters are feeling the burn.

The 19 year-old reality star and model is addressing her critics head-on, with a Mean Girls-inspired ‘burn book’ created by Dazed magazine.

In a fun video, Kendall reads social media criticisms of herself out loud while creating a notebook with images of herself alongside the insults.

“She couldn’t do this without her family,” says one hater, referring to the famous Kardashians that cast quite a shadow over Kendall and her modeling career.

Another hater said, “Whoa, Kendall Jenner is gorgeous. Too bad she’s one of the richest, prettiest, talentless people ever.”

Meanwhile, not everyone agrees that Kendall has the looks to be a model; one hater called her “ugly,” while another said, “I heard she made out with a hot dog.” (We’re not sure exactly what that one’s supposed to mean, but it’s clearly not a compliment.) Check out the video to see more of the insults!

Kendall’s Burn Book is reminiscent of a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live in which celebrities read mean tweets about themselves. It seems that celebrities are taking Taylor Swift’s advice about how “haters gonna hate (hate hate hate hate)” and facing criticism directly, which takes the power away from the hater.

Addressing haters definitely makes Kendall look strong — are you on her side?

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