Kendall Jenner Posts Provocative Selfie, Is Morphing Into Kim

Published on February 25, 2015.
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In related news, water is wet.

People love this girl. And she loves herself… maybe.

Sometimes you can’t tell if someone loves or loathes based on public appearances, and social media posts. Self-absorbed? That’s a given. And she has learned from the best. Even her father is well-versed in doing what he wants whenever he wants to do it. Or is it “she” now? I don’t know what the schedule entails when becoming a woman, or how far Bruce is taking it. And I’m not being a smarmy jerk. I genuinely don’t.

If I were being a smarmy jerk, I’d say, Kris figuratively cut his boys off when they got married, anyway. Perhaps the transition was already measured in full-force when considering his mind. He was just the trophy husband–the former Olympian.

Back to Kendall. She has 20 million Instagram followers. You know what’s disgusting? If she asked them all to PayPal her a dollar, she’d at least walk away with 10 million in cash. If that doesn’t terrify you, I don’t know what would. Sure, some of you savvy folks are thinking, “Oooo… I need to meet this girl and develop some sort of an alliance.” That’s not the worst idea I’ve heard today.

Achieving such a milestone, Kendall needed to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than to go full Narcissus, and take more photos of herself to post on Instagram. In the particular, celebratory photo, you can certainly see the resemblance to older, half-sister Kim.

Here’s the billion dollar question: Where will Kendall peak in regards to Instagram followers? There is always attrition–people growing up, quitting the app, falling in hate with Kendall–and there will likely be growth. Fascinating to think about. I think I’ll spend a few hours pondering this afternoon. Wanna join me? Afterwards we can scrape our fingernails down chalkboards and do other fun stuff.

Check out Kendall’s Instagram pic below:

Source: Instagram
Rare Pics Of Kendall Jenner You Probably Haven’t Seen


Rare Pics Of Kendall Jenner You Probably Haven’t Seen

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