Kristen Bell Raps Too $hort On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Published on February 18, 2015.
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Oh yeah. She does it all. And you bet your bottom dollar–I’m listening to Too $hort right now.

Too $hort had an incomparable style. He wasn’t really an OG, but he was always around OGs… and he rapped about things there were always borderline humorous. Kristen Bell offered an example of such when she stopped by to chat with Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week.

According to Kristen, she memorized a few Too $hort rhymes back in the day so she could be a little more hardcore than she was perceived. Sadly, it didn’t work. Kristen could literally threaten someone with a gun, and people wouldn’t think “Oh… she’s so hardcore…” They’d think, “Kristen!? What’s wrong? Let’s talk about it.”

There’s no denying the immense wells of talent in this blonde pixie. She’s one half of the most understated power couple in “Hollywood,” with husband Dax Shepard, and these two are building a small army of what one has to presume are absurdly talented, well-informed, well-rounded children.

So. Back to Too $hort. It’s important everyone know who exactly inspired Kristen Bell to rap. Short Dog pumped out some classics during the rise of “hardcore” and “gansta” rap, and was somewhat the anthropologist of the OGs who were rapping about the badass stuff that they did. Short was mostly rapping about the stuff that he saw. Observe and report. And some of it was pure gold. The track “Short But Funky” from the 1990’s Short Dog’s In The House, brought the rapper into the mainstream. This might have been Kristen Bell’s introduction to Too $hort.

To see Kristen lock some flow on Jimmy Kimmel Live, check out the video below.

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Things You Might Not Know About Kristen Bell

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