Kylie Jenner Finally Admits To Lip Fillers: See What She Said

Published on May 7, 2015.
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Hold the phone. Stop the presses–or hold off on that click to publish button–we gotta get this out there. It may change everything you ever do from this point forward. Kylie Jenner… fills her lips!

Cue Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Nobody Cares. No-Body-Cares… Or perhaps it would be more accurate to ask: Why do we care? Why. Do. We. Care!?

Because we were told to care, people. Kylie Jenner is important to all of us. In fact, I would estimate that she and her sisters will be some of the first individuals–years from now–who will say, “Gosh, if we’d only know these cosmetic fillers were so potentially dangerous, we’d have never done that to our faces and bodies.”

And for those who are so certain it’s safe. Yes. You must be right. And smoking was also just something cool to do between 1930-1960. Regardless of cosmetic procedures being “safe” for the body, it certainly is not safe for the mind and soul. You can find all the evidence you need by looking at young girls trashing their faces and psyches to look like these vapid fools.

Kylie is 17. Seventeen. And she’s already altering her appearance. Her appearance isn’t even fully formed at 17. Seriously, people, this is sad. You can’t get these procedures at 17 without the sign-off of a parent. And seriously, people, if you want better lips, take up a brass instrument. Play the trumpet… the French horn. Play the trombone… or go for the euphonium or tuba. Play a little bit everyday. The results are long-lasting.

So, how did this earth-changing discovery come to be? Khloe and Kylie were seen conversing in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. In it, they were talking about “lips.” Cut away to Khloe in a confessional, and now we know… Kylie has gotten temporary lip fillers. When did this start? At 15? 16?

Wanna see it for yourself? Knock yourself out. Just understand that you may never be the same after seeing this.

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Fashion Face-Off: Kendall Jenner vs. Kylie Jenner

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