Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge Leaves Teens Everywhere Bruised

Published on April 21, 2015.
Helga Esteb /

Want full, pouty lips like Kylie Jenner? Don’t try the Kylie Jenner lip challenge!

Teens everywhere have been trying to get lips like Kylie’s by putting a device called Fullips or in some cases, shot glasses or tumblers over their mouths and creating suction — and the results, posted all over social media, have been horrifying.

Instead of full, pouty lips, girls have gotten swollen, painful lips, broken blood vessels and bruising around their mouths. The new looks are much worse than thin or average-sized lips — check out the video to see the disastrous results!

Kylie claims that her lips are all natural (with maybe just some extra lipstick or lipliner). Maybe she should make a statement encouraging teen girls to embrace what they have?

Perhaps the teens were also just going overboard with how long they tried the challenge. An editor at Marie Claire tried Fullips and had pretty good results. She watched YouTube tutorials and exfoliated before trying the process and only sucked on the device for a minute at a time. She also noted that the plumped lips only lasted for about an hour.

Teens may also want to try Marilyn Monroe’s old lipstick trick of using two different shades — it sounds a lot less painful!

Check out the video for the terrifying results:

Fashion Face-Off: Kendall Jenner vs. Kylie Jenner


Fashion Face-Off: Kendall Jenner vs. Kylie Jenner

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