Leonardo DiCaprio Teams With Netflix For More Documentaries

Published on March 5, 2015.
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Leonardo DiCaprio may be one of the most well-known playboys of our time, but his panache for dating models may only be outdone by his desire to dig deep into worthwhile content, and deliver it to the public.

Nah. We’re not talking The Wolf of Wall Street, here. We’re talking subject matter that actually works to make the world a better place. those Leo-produced and endorsed documentaries.

Leo has made the environment–and everything stemming from it–part of his public service mission. From green housing developments in middle America to speaking at Global Climate Summit, Leo is in the mix. And this guy doesn’t pretend to know it all. Sure, he knows a lot, but he rests on the certainty that his celebrity will attract a brighter spotlight to the work he feels is so important.

Now, Leo has partnered with Netflix to produce more documentary content for the home entertainment service. Netflix will produce the original programming, in association with Leo’s production company, Appian Way. In addition to doing another documentary, Netflix has announced that Leo is also planning to function as a producer/executive producer on an original series as well.

Chalk up another huge win for Netflix. They have gone from the company which has all but killed Blockbuster, and all other movie-rental services, to one of the most impressive entities in development original content. It makes one pity the folks at NBC, who are still trying to compete with content with nothing more than Jimmy Fallon and some smoke and mirrors.

The Leo deal comes on the heels of Netflix contracts with Adam Sandler, Tina Fey, Robert Carlock and the Duplass brother for more original content.

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