Luke Bryan Takes Offense To The “Bro-Country” Label

Published on September 1, 2015.
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When it comes to country music stardom, it doesn’t get much bigger than Luke Bryan. The 39-year-old singer has been a force in country music for several years, starting out writing hits for other artists before enjoying massive success writing and performing his own songs.

However, as country music becomes more popular, it’s turn towards mainstream has given it a different sound with a mix of pop, rap and rock influencing many of the most popular hits today and has been given the name “bro-country,” which has been greatly embraced by the duo Florida Georgia Line.

In a new interview, Luke Bryan explained he’s really not a fan of this new label, which has seems to hold him at its forefront.”I take a little offense,” he told Cleveland Entertainment. “I feel the initial term ‘bro-country’ was created to be kind of a little degrading to what’s popular, to what country artists are doing right now. It’s frustrating because whichever artists may or may not get labeled as that, they’re well beyond that. For people to call me the father of it, well, whatever. It just seems like a term that was invented to cheapen me a an artist.”

While he admitted that his newest album Kill the Lights has some aspects that identify as bro-country, many of his tracks are far from what is defined by the term. “My fans are there because my version of music is what they love, and that’s what I’m all about. When people say ‘Luke Bryan fans are nothing but beer drinkers,’ that makes me mad because I know they’re more than that. They are the people who make this country go round and round.”

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