Miley And Patrick Enjoy A Date Night Amid Cheating Scandal

Published on March 24, 2015.
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As we all know by know pop star Miley Cyrus has no problem voicing her opinions and doing exactly what she wants to do, but the controversial star has remained unusually silent in the days following a cheating scandal that erupted around herself and boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger.

As Miley is undoubtedly the bigger star and is known for being quite sexual, it came as a surprise when pictures surfaced of Patrick allegedly misbehaving while on Spring Break in Cabo without Miley.

Although Patrick immediately denied that anything inappropriate happened and he was merely hanging out with his best friend’s girlfriend, many still assumed this could be the end of the Miley and Patrick romance.

At the time the pictures went viral, TMZ stated “Then again, when Miley is your girlfriend, something like this is probably no big deal,” and it seems they could be right as the pair were spotted out on a date on Monday March 23, hitting up a sushi place in Studio City, California.

According to witnesses who spotted the pair at the restaurant they were even kissing, laughing and holding hands, so it seems maybe Miley isn’t as upset by this whole thing as everyone else.

Other sources however told People magazine that the two are having a “tough time.” “Miley is embarassed about the photos and Patrick is devastated about that because he really cares about her. They’ve been talking and going through a tough time.”

For all her antics, it seems Cyrus is actually being very mature in dealing with the whole situation with the source adding, “It’s just embarrassing for her, and him. They’re trying to work this through.”

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