Miley Cyrus Is Hosting This Year’s VMAs

Published on July 21, 2015.

Photo by KCR/REX

In a short period of time, pop star Miley Cyrus has made herself one of the most well known stars on the planet, but much of it is not for anything good.

Because of her attention grabbing behavior, people are very divisive when it comes to their feelings about her and, if you are one of the ones who can’t stand her antics, this year’s MTV Video Music Awards are not for you.

Only two years after she made headlines at the VMAs for her now infamous performance with Robin Thicke, Cyrus has been handed the reigns for the whole show. She took to social media to announce she is this year’s host.

In one picture Cyrus is dressed in a green alien body suit with a sign reading, “MTV Won’t Let Me Perform,” and in the next she takes off the head portion to reveal herself (with her signature tongue out look), wearing a sign that reads, “So I’m Hosting This Year’s VMAS,” with Cyrus adding the caption, “F–k yeah VMAs!!!!!”

At the very least, the hosting gig will be interesting to watch only to see what kinds of censors and restrictions MTV puts on the former Disney starlet as she is prone to performing nearly nude with only pasties covering her breasts and she consistently swears and smokes marijuana on stage.

With a whole night of her having a hold of the mic, something is bound to raise eyebrows, but we’ll have to wait until the VMAs air on August 30 to find out what Cyrus has in store for the audience.

Fuck yeah VMAs!!!!! #VMAs on @MTV Aug 30 at 9pm

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