Miley Cyrus Speaks Out About Being A Feminist And Being Alone

Published on May 8, 2015.
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Miley Cyrus has been hard at work getting her new charity organization The Happy Hippie Foundation off the ground in order to help homeless and LGBT youth and she is also opening up more and more about why these issues are so important to her.

In a recent interview the 22-year old star revealed that she hasn’t been in all “straight” relationships and continues to speak out about not labeling herself in any category.

“I’m not hiding my sexuality. For me, I don’t want to label myself as anything. We love putting people in categories, but what I like sexually isn’t going to label me as a person,” she told TIME magazine.

Although her most recent public relationship with Patrick Schwarzenegger has come to an end she also spoke out that people shouldn’t be so concerned with whether she is dating or not and who she is dating, and that she is perfectly fine with being alone. “It has a lot to do with being a feminist, but I’m finally O.K. with being alone. I think that’s something we have to talk bout more: that you can be alone.”

“There are times in my life where I’ve had boyfriends or girlfriends. And there are times when I just love being with myself and don’t want to give part of myself away to someone else … I think that’s a new freedom for women, especially. I don’t know that my mother would have been able to be 22 and secure in being alone. But my future doesn’t rely on having a partner.”

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