Must-See: John Stamos Auditions For One Direction

Published on March 27, 2015.
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Altogether now: Have mercy.

John Stamos looks like he’ll be replacing Zayn Malik in One Direction, after the singer broke away from the quintet. We can all rest easy this weekend–the thought of One Direction as a quartet was just too much to handle.

OK. No. John Stamos isn’t going to replace Zayn, but how awesome would that be? John is actually hard at work for FOX on the pilot for Grandpa. But he did think it would be fun to put together a quick, “Hey guys, I’m available if you need me audition tape,” which you can see in the video below.

It’s tough to write about John, and not mention Full House, but at this point, still no closer to a reunion or a new venture into the TV goldmine. For now, it’s new projects and John knowing how to perfectly master the news media into writing these blurbs about him.

Briefly regarding the real One Direction… they are going to carry on as a quartet. Doesn’t look like they’re interested in gaining another member. Zayn has broken his silence over the departure. He feels free–in control. What else is there to say when you’ve shared your career with four other guys, and an immense PR and A&R team, including Simon Cowell. It’s a lot.

Back to John. Yes, the 51 year old is starring in this new pilot for FOX, and who’s to say if it’ll take off. Depends on how loose the writers reins are on the Greek majesty we all know as Stamos.

To see John’s “audition,” check out the video below.

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