Nick Young Fears Dolphins After One Tried To Kill Him

Published on February 11, 2015.
Photo by Picture Perfect/REX

It turns out Nick Young loses a little bit of his swagger off of the court with the Los Angeles Lakers, especially when confronted with dolphins who have murderous intentions.

Following a loss to the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday February 10, Young, 29, was asked about some tweets that his girlfriend, famous Australian rapper Iggy Azalea posted recently.

“Nick is scared of Dolphins” she randomly tweeted on Monday Feb. 9, followed by, “A dolphin in Cabo tried to kill him once. I was there and to be fair, it’s true. Now he won’t go on the wild dolphin snorkel tour. Lol,” and, “Has anyone else had an angry dolphin experience? Serious question. Lol.”

Young confirmed the story was true to reporters in the locker room after the game stating, “[We were] on vacation, a dolphin was trying to kill me for some reason.”

He went on to explain, “He was playing with everybody else, doing what dolphins do — the ‘ack ack’ and all that. It was my time to ride the dolphin and for some reason, he took me all the way to the bottom. He was trying to drown me. But I seen it happening so I jumped out of the water and took off the little vest and threw off my little water shoes and stayed outside […] He went straight down. He was trying to kill me.”

Reporters laughed at the story but seemed quite interested asking Young, “Why didn’t the dolphin like you? What’s he got against Nick Young?” to which “Swaggy P” thought definitely had something to do with Iggy.

“I don’t know. I think he was trying to get at Iggy cause he was a little friendly, kissing her and stuff. He was trying to take my woman.”

Now unfortunately for Iggy who would like to go back and do more dolphin encounters, Young is no longer on board.

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Check out Nick’s story below!

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