One Life To Live Star Nathaniel Marston Potentially Paralyzed After Accident

Published on November 2, 2015.
Source: Putnam/FilmMagic

Soap opera actor Nathaniel Marston who is best known for portraying Michael McBain on One Life to Live for six years is in critical condition after a very serious car accident on Friday, Oct. 30 in Reno, Nevada.

According to reports following the accident, the 40-year-old may potentially be paralyzed from the neck down. His mother, Elizabeth Jackson has been posting about the incident on her Facebook page, indicating how serious it is for Marston. “Please pray for my son Nathaniel Marston,” she wrote on Saturday. “He was in a car accident last night and is in the intensive care on life support. Back and neck broken in several places. Other internal injuries. Please pray that he will recover and walk again.”

A few hours later she updated with, “Just spoke to highway patrol and tribal police. In case rumor mill gets going. Nate was sober according to cops. Waiting to speak to Dr. Please pray that Nate does not end up a paraplegic.. neck broken and fracuted in neck vertabrea 3,4,5,5, and 7. Shoulder broken along with all ribs. Collapsed lung and pnenoma. Please pray for him.”

On Sunday, she posted yet again with a very grave message: “Spoke to Nates Dr. In all likely hood if he lives he will be paralyzed from the neck down and will not breathe without a ventilator machine. Oh my God please give me strength.”

Aside from his role in One Life to Live from 2001-2007, Marston is also known as Trey from The Craft and has also appeared in As the World Turns, White Collar and Castle, among other shows.

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