Rob Kardashian’s Weight Gain Has Become Life-Threatening

Published on March 11, 2014. Updated October 15, 2014
Helga Esteb /

Rob Kardashian has gained a lot of weight since his family rose to fame with their reality show Keeping Up with The Kardashians — and now even his doctor is concerned.

The 26 year-old recently visited a physician who told him that he needs to lose weight not for his looks, but for his health. He’s at risk for developing diabetes and even organ failure. His liver is shutting down, and if he doesn’t do something to lose the weight, it may get worse.

What complicates things is that Rob is part of a family obsessed with looks and vanity. His sisters Kim and Khloe are always going on intense diets; after she had her baby, Kim lost 50 pounds on a strict low-carb Atkins diet. Rob says the spotlight has affected his sisters’ attitudes about looks in a negative way.

Rob also wants to work in the fashion industry, and knows that people will not take him seriously if he’s fifty pounds overweight. Check out the video for more about Rob’s transformation.

Rob’s weight problem has an emotional component; he says he’s never been more down or depressed in his life. It can’t help to have this all explored publicly on a reality show.

Here’s hoping he gets all the help and support he needs.

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