Sarah Jessica Parker Throws Tom Hanks Some Serious Shade

Published on March 26, 2015.
Debby Wong /

Hold up, wait a minute… Did Sarah Jessica Parker just give Tom Hanks the stink face at a hockey game?

Let’s set the stage:

Tuesday night. New York Rangers v. Los Angeles Kings hockey game. Sarah Jessica Parker took her and Matthew’s son, James, to the rink and sat right behind Tom Hanks, and his son, Chet. Yes, Chet the rapper.

During the game, Tom and Sarah are seen exchanging conversation, smiles and yucking it up a bit, but at some point Sarah seems to lose interest in everything that is going on. Yes, there are photos of her reading a book, but that could have been between a period break–we’re not gonna throw her under that train.

Still, at some point, Tom was engaged in a conversation with his son Chet, and Sarah seemed appalled by what she was hearing. Not an eye roll–a straight-up stink face. So. Let’s break this down, and see if we can figure what the issue might have been.

1.) Sarah realized that she was turning 50 at midnight, and it all hit like a ton of bricks. 2.) Tom said something that was within an earshot of her son, and she felt it was inappropriate. 3.) Someone nearby dropped a flatulent bomb, and it hit Sarah first. 4.) Sarah is clueless to understanding that Tom is trying to relate to his son Chet in anyway he possibly can, as Chet is less than six months sober from a coke addiction. 5.) Sarah was planning to stop eavesdropping on conversations that didn’t involve her, but it was a life goal for after she was 50.

It could be any number of things, but I’m going with #3.

Whatever the case, you can see the moment in the video below.

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