Scott Disick Hooking Up With Kourtney’s Friend?

Published on September 11, 2015.
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It seems this time the breakup between longtime couple Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian has stuck, meaning the well known flirty play-boy has free range of playing the field.

While Disick reportedly wanted to do anything to get Kourtney back, it seems he has already given up and moved on, apparently hooking up with Kourtney’s longtime friend, Kimberly Stewart, 36.

A source close to Disick told Us Weekly that Disck and Rod Stewart’s daughter had hooked up “numerous times,” most recently on August, 26, the night of Stewart’s brother’s birthday. “He immediately sat on the couch next to Kim and put his arm around her,” the source said when Disick arrived at the party.

Apparently Scott has known the Stewarts for a decade since he moved to L.A. and it was actually Kimberly who introduced Scott to Kourtney. The source also maintains that Scott and Kimberly only began hooking up after things were completely over between him and Kourtney, while a rep for Stewart says all of the allegations are “absolutely untrue.”

Of course there are contradicting reports, which indicate the hookups became so frequent that word was getting out, forcing the two to cool it off. “Kimberly told him it’s getting out, and she can’t have this. She told him they need to cool it for a second and he agreed.” Meanwhile many believed Disick was trying to win Kourtney back and get his family back together, which was why Scott also didn’t want the news getting out. “He feels like an a–hole. He was trying to get Kourtney back, but he is hoping she doesn’t find out. He’s kicking himself.”

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