Scott Eastwood Releases New Images As The New Face Of Cool Water

Published on February 10, 2015.
Photo by MediaPunch/REX

In Hollywood many children of celebrities decide to follow in their parent’s footsteps and enter the entertainment industry.

Sometimes those people are accused of using their parent’s fame to create their own without any talent but sometimes those kids have inherited family talents and/or looks, and without a doubt Scott Eastwood, 28, is in the latter group.

Scott is of course the son of Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood, 84, who rose to fame in 1959-1965 in the western series Rawhide, drawing attention for his rugged handsomeness, deep voice, and intense acting.

Scott is now showing off his incredible good looks as the new face of DAVIDOFF Cool Water, taking over for the late Paul Walker who was the former face of the men’s fragrance.

On February 6, the actor and model revealed a sneak peek from his campaign on his Instagram page showing a cropped picture of the muscular hunk in the ocean along with the caption, “So honored and excited to be the new face of DAVIDOFF Cool Water! Stay tuned for the campaign, out this summer. @davidoffcoolwaterparfums #davidoffcoolwater.”

He also released a statement about his new gig, explaining it’s more than just a modeling role, “The ocean has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I’m proud to be the face of the fragrance that is synonymous with that lifestyle.”

After showing off his inherited good looks, Eastwood will show off his inherited acting chops as the lead in the latest Nicholas Sparks’ novel turned movie, The Longest Ride.

Like his father has done many times in the past, Scott Eastwood is portraying a young cowboy and is also quick to make sure people don’t mistake him for the next “pretty-boy” leading man, instead leaning towards Clint’s legacy as the rugged, tough type. “I want to be the man’s man — not a kid actor or a glitzy pop star. But a no-bulls–t leading man.”

Sounds good to us!

Things You Might Not Know About Scott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood

Things You Might Not Know About Scott Eastwood

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