Shania Twain Reveals What She Would Say To Ex-Husband’s Mistress

Published on March 12, 2015.
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Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live has one of the most appropriate names given the fact that no one will ever know what a celebrity will say, confess to or who they will start a fight with while sitting down with host Andy Cohen.

Country queen Shania Twain, 49, took her turn in the hotseat recently and while it’s not news that she was involved in some major personal drama in the past, she opened up about it quite candidly.

Back in 2008 Twain’s messy divorce was highly publicized after her husband Robert “Mutt” Lange had an affair with one of Twain’s assistants who also happened to be one of her best friends; Marie-Anne Thiebaud. After the split, Twain became close with the other scorned spouse in the situation, Thiebaud’s husband, Frederic Thiebaud and Twain ended up marrying Thiebaud in 2011.

Twain previously acknowledged that she had only seen Marie-Anne once since the whole affair and panicked and was unable to actually say what she wanted to.

Cohen took the opportunity, years later, to ask Twain what she would say now and the singer was very honest: “I wish I’d never met you. That would be it. You panic in those situations. You don’t know what to do. I think there are some people in life you would say ‘I would have been better off not ever knowing that person.'”

She went on to talk about how happy she is now both personally and professionally while still happily married to Frederic, and recently announced she will be embarking on her last ever tour, “Rock This Country”, which begins on June 5.

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Things You Might Not Know About Shania Twain And Frederic Thiebaud’s Relationship

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Things You Might Not Know About Shania Twain And Frederic Thiebaud’s Relationship

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