Taylor Swift And Jimmy Fallon’s Epic Jumbotron Dance-Off

Published on February 18, 2015.
Photo by REX

Jimmy Fallon has without a doubt become a staple in late night entertainment by interviewing, hanging out, playing games and doing skits with the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

His ease as a host and hilarious interactions even earned him the Entertainer of the Year award for 2014 making it hard to believe he has only been the host of The Tonight Show for one year.

Tuesday February 17 marked Fallon’s one year anniversary and what better way to celebrate than to have the biggest name in music on his show?

Taylor Swift sat down with Fallon where it turns out he had a bone to pick with the megastar songstress. “I’m kind of a little upset,” he told her. “I’m a little upset every time I see you dancing at events,┬ábecause for a while that was our thing.”

To which Swift responded, “That was a long time ago. We used to go all out. I’m sorry. I forgot about that being our exclusive thing.” They reminisced about their time as “famous Jumbotron dancers” and going to all the sporting events in New York where they would show off their impressive skills together.

Fallon then revealed he had contacted some of New York’s arenas and got some of the best Jumbotron footage, resulting in a hilarious skit showing every day fans busting a move and of course Swift and Fallon really showing them how it’s done.

The pair returned to their seats still dressed in New York Rangers gear with Swift stating, “Nice casual walk down memory lane there.” “We should do that again some time,” Fallon responded.

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Check out the hilarious video below!

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