Taylor Swift Trademarks ‘This Sick Beat’ And ‘Party Like It’s 1989’

Published on January 29, 2015.
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Taylor Swift is expanding her power — by trademarking 15 different phrases!

The 25 year-old pop star has trademarked a host of song titles, names and lyrics associated with her music and clothing brands. According to a list of filings on the legal site Justia, she now controls these phrases in musical, live performance and clothing form.

The “Shake it Off” singer has trademarked her name, her initials, the phrases “Cause we never going out of style,” “Nice to meet you. Where you been?” and “Could show you incredible things”.

You also better not want to use “love, love love” or “this sick beat”, or hold a contest called a “Swiftstakes”!

Taylor is also cornering the market on fearless empowerment, trademarking the phrases “Taylor Swift Fearless,” “be fearless” and “speak now”.

Something tells me that if you criticize her trademarking choices, she’ll just say “haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate…”

Besides, she’s still basking in the glow of getting a compliment from Madonna.

“It’s good to have princesses [of pop]. It means there’s lots of pretty dresses around. I like Taylor Swift. I think she writes some really catchy pop songs,” Madonna said in a recent interview. “I can’t get them out of my head.”

Taylor responded via Tumblr, writing, “Thanks now I’m dead,” adding the hashtags, “#how am i supposed to deal with this” and “#BE COOL TAYLOR STOP BEING EMBARRASSING.”

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