Taylor Swift’s 1989 Album: Largest Sales Since 2002

Published on November 5, 2014.
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At only 24 years old, music sensation Taylor Swift dropped her fifth album on Monday October 27, 2014.

The album, 1989, was highly anticipated both by Swift and fans as it was her very first full-pop album after breaking out on the country music scene with her self-titled Taylor Swift album and easing into country-pop with later albums such as Speak Now and Red.

With a huge fan base ready to accept whatever music Taylor created, the singer admitted to being excited and nervous about it. “I’m more confident about this album than I’ve been about any of the other ones, which is a really nice feeling. But it’s almost like you’re releasing this thing into the world you just spent two years with, and it’s been just mine for two years and now it’s everybody else’s,” she said in an interview day before its release.

It seems she had nothing to worry about however as the album sold 1.287 million copies in its first week.

Swift’s incredible first week sales are the largest for a record since 2002 when Eminem released The Eminem Show.

The huge sales also mean that in only one week it is already the second largest selling album of the entire year, right behind the soundtrack to the Disney film Frozen.

On Tuesday November 4, the singer reacted to her album’s sales by taking to her Instagram and writing, “Industry experts predicted 1989 would sell 650k first week. You went and bought 1.287 million albums. AND IT’S GOT ME LIKE.”

Which was accompanied by a short video of Swift rapping along to Kendrick Lamar’s “Backstreet Freestyle” which lyrics go, “God damn I feel amazing, damn I’m in the matrix. My mind is living on Cloud 9 and this 9 is never on vacation.”

Along with showing her appreciation to her fans, earlier in this week Swift also announced tour dates for the album which begin in the United States in May of 2015.

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