Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle And Chelsea Celebrate Their Weddings, Kailyn Welcomes ‘Baby Lo’

Published on November 7, 2017.
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Both Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska celebrated their weddings during the season finale of Teen Mom 2 on November 6! Although the wedding bells were ringing and happiness was everywhere, with the Teen Mom girls, there was of course drama as well! Here are the top five moments from last night’s Teen Mom finale:

Kailyn Lowry finally gave birth to her third child and her two sons couldn’t be more thrilled with the new addition to their family! Her ex, Javi, definitely wasn’t as happy though. “It’s just different emotions,” Javi said. “We would’ve had our third baby by now.”

Jenelle and David Eason went through with their wedding despite having almost called it off in last week’s episode. The day was spent with loved ones, but Jenelle definitely felt the absence of a motherly figure. “I wish I could have a mom there,” Jenelle said. The feelings were mutual apparently, and Barbara also expressed her sadness at not being there. “David has alienated her from me,” Barbara said. “She chose David over her own family.”

Leah Messer’s daughters headed back to school this week! Despite ex Jeremy Calvert being absent and not wishing Addie good luck on her first day of preschool, the girls still seemed excited about the big day. “I think you’re going to have a great first day,” Leah said. She then had to deal with Addie saying her sister said the word “bulls–t” and Leah simply said, “You don’t tattle tale on your sister. You guys are sisters — you’re supposed to keep secrets.”

Chelsea and Cole DeBoer also celebrated their wedding and everything turned out perfect! “I think I would’ve been so miserable if we would’ve done this last year,” Chelsea said, confirming her decision to wait a year. Her daughter Aubree made a surprise recording which was played at the ceremony of her thanking Cole and her mother and expressing how much she loves them.

Briana’s daughter Nova was also sent off on her first day of school and the family decided to celebrate by going out for lunch. Briana hoped to be civil and invited Devoin to lunch, but at the table he brought up working two jobs and Briana exploded. “There’s no reason that he has two jobs and he doesn’t help me with Nova,” she said. The fight between the two escalated quickly, especially when Briana’s mother Roxanne got involved. “Shut the f–k up, motherf–ker,” she screamed, making a complete scene in the restaurant. Needless to say they had to leave, and Devoin made sure to flip them off on his way out, meaning that relationship isn’t as amicable as it was starting to seem.

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