The Bachelorette’s Jed Wyatt Reveals Why He Told Hannah He Thought The Show Would Help His Career

Published on June 11, 2019.

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In recent years, fans have been suspicious of many contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette because it seems many are joining the show not to win, but to further their careers.

In JoJo Fletcher’s seasons, fans were convinced Jordan Rodgers was only there to get himself on TV as he aimed for a sports announcer career, and in season 15 it seems it was frontrunner Jed Wyatt who signed up for all the wrong reasons.

The difference between Jed and the other contestants however, is that he admitted that he first joined the show because he thought it would help his budding career as a country singer. In an episode, Wyatt revealed to Hannah that he thought the show was a “huge platform” and many were shocked he would be so honest about his true intentions of signing up as a contestant, but they were even more shocked when it didn’t really faze the Bachelorette. Now Wyatt has taken to his Instagram stories to explain why he told Hannah.

Hannah said she wanted us to be open and honest and I didn’t want to go another day without her knowing the truth,” he explained on his Instagram Stories on Monday, June 10. “I knew some people would take it the wrong way but what mattered to me was being honest so we could focus on our relationship.”

During the June 3rd episode Wyatt sat down with Hannah and said, “When I signed up for the show, I was so clueless. I was open to the idea ‘cause I love love. I do. But my first thought was, you know, ‘This is a huge platform.’ I just want you to know the truth. So I came in with that mindset.” He quickly went on to say he was being honest because he knew he really was falling for Hannah. “Every moment that we’ve had has just kind of taken all that away and showed me that, like, now, more than anything, I want to be with you,” he told her. “Now that I see who you are, that’s all I want. I feel something growing inside of me that I’ve never felt before. I’m starting to feel like I’m falling for you more and more. It’s beyond a show at this point.”

Despite the shocking confession, Wyatt still got the rose with Hannah telling him, “I do really respect that you were honest. I truly think the passion that you have for music is so amazing. I would never want to take that away from you, and I would never want to hinder that.”

It is clear that Jed is a frontrunner, but does he win? Find out with these final 9 and winner spoilers!


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