The Most Epic Moments From Justin Bieber’s Roast

Published on March 31, 2015.

(Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Justin Bieber.

He may be a survivor. Let’s wait another five years, and see what happens. But it seems as if the Biebs has escaped the black hole of infamy, just before reaching the event horizon.

He was a good sport at his roast. He took it on the chin like a man, and then, when it was his turn to speak, he didn’t turn the tables… he enjoyed his just deserts.

(Yes, it is “just deserts,” not “just desserts.” It’s an old phrase, made new again, but most frequently misspelled… it’s not about food, rather getting what you deserve in plurality. You dig? But I’m digressing.)

People hurled insults, offered jabs, a little light ribbing and even shared laughs with The Biebs at his roast. It’s so interesting that he was chosen to be roasted at such a young age. Sure, he was “gifted” the roast for his 21st birthday, but it still seems odd. Obviously, it was a good move on behalf of Jeffrey Ross–who puts all these things together–and Justin’s PR team, because Justin is so easy to make fun of. Regardless of the jokes, what was most obvious: a different, more mature Justin was sitting in the seat of honor.

For those familiar with roasts–taken back to the old Friars Club–nobody is safe. If there is a joke to be made that insults someone, it’ll be made. It doesn’t matter if that person is present at the ceremony, or has been dead for years. One example: Comedy Central cut some jokes about the late Paul Walker. We can guess the jokes had everything to do with driving too fast, and people wishing it had been the Biebs who was killed, as opposed to Paul. Yep. There is no censorship at these things. No tact.

What Comedy Central didn’t pull were jokes about the Kardashian klan, and Jeff Ross asking Justin if he were to marry Kendall, who would walk her down the aisle… suggesting the only man left in the family was Khloe. Yes. It’s not funny, but it’s funny.

As mentioned, Justin took it all on the chin. He chuckled, agreed, rolled his eyes and even winced at a few of the more painful shots. And when he spoke to wrap out the night, he apologized–for losing his sense of self during the madness of the past few years.

To see a few highlights from the roast, check out the video below.

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