Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Simply Hate Each Other, Don’t Speak

Published on March 19, 2015.
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Marriage ending in divorce is a difficult thing for most people and while some end on amicable terms, others do not. Regardless, when there are children involved, many couples usually do what they can to co-parent effectively.

It seems, however, that one of Hollywood’s former biggest power couples is having a hard time doing that as it has been reported they don’t even speak.

With rumors circulating that Katie Holmes, 36, is now dating fellow actor Jamie Foxx, many are wondering what her ex-husband and father of her child, Tom Cruise, 52, thinks about this. According to TMZ reports, it’s unlikely that Tom cares, considering the two don’t even speak to each other anymore.

After the reports surfaced, many assumed that their extreme dislike each other stemmed from Cruise’s involvement in the Church of Scientology, which played a large part in Holmes fearing leaving Cruise in the first place because the religion is so intimidating.

Apparently the Church has a term for people who are against them, including those who left the religion – Suppressive Person- and many thought Cruise didn’t communicate with her because she must be an SP after leaving him and the religion but apparently she hasn’t been declared one, they simply just hate each other.

The site states however it has nothing to do with the Church at all and comes down to “hard feelings” and bitterness between the two, like many other nasty divorces. Apparently Tom is upset because he did not know Katie was planning on leaving him and it took him by surprise and meanwhile Holmes feels like “Tom sucked the life out of her.”

Cruise and Holmes became engaged in 2005 and were married in a Scientologist ceremony in 2006. Katie filed for divorce six years later in 2012 and has the majority of custody for their daughter, Suri, who sees her dad quite infrequently according to news sources.

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16 Things You Didn’t Know About Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise’s Relationship

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16 Things You Didn’t Know About Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise’s Relationship

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