Tori Spelling Recovering After Severe Burns From Hibachi Grill

Published on April 14, 2015.
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Benihana. I have heard too many horror stories from this joint. From oil bottles exploding to hair catching on fire to Tori Spelling falling on a griddle!? We’ll call it the Benihana curse.

To kick this off, a little history lesson: What we call a hibachi grill these days isn’t actually hibachi. It’s more of a modern teppanyaki cooking surface. A hibachi was traditionally a bowl filled with a natural heat-burning source, and covered with a grate or a griddle on which to cook. The teppanyaki is what you see at most Japanese steakhouses where the chefs work their magic, and… celebrities fall and burn themselves.

To set the stage, no, Tori wasn’t burned beyond recognition, or anything of the sort, but it was quite serious. As she was getting up to leave the Encino Benihana, her heel snagged on the carpet, and she stumbled back to burn her arm on a teppanyaki cooking surface. It wasn’t her whole body falling onto the griddle, or anything you’d imagine from a comedy of errors. She simply burned her right arm, bellowed in pain, then continued on with her day.

Seriously. She continued on… with her day.

After the pain became more severe, she decided it would be best to consult a physician. Tori and husband, Dean McDermott, drove to the emergency room where doctors could treat her. The burn was bad enough that the treating physician suggested an inevitable infection and scarring if she didn’t seek treatment when she did.

All in all, Tori had a great sense of humor about it, and even threw a pic of the family onto Instagram lauding the Easter Sunday experience… well, aside from the Benihana burn.

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