Tori Spelling Tweets Cryptic Message From Hospital Bed

Published on October 24, 2014.
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Reality star, Tori Spelling, has been going through a really difficult time recently, mostly stemming from a rocky relationship with her husband, Dean McDermott who admitted to cheating on her.

As well as a deteriorating marriage, Spelling has also been worried about her financial situation claiming she does not know how to live less expensively after growing up rich and now trying to provide the same life for her children.

Tori has now been in the hospital since October 18, and headlines ran rampant about her being quarantined like an Ebola patient, however it turns out she is suffering from bronchitis and possible pneumonia.

While still battling the illness in hospital, speculation has surfaced that Spelling is actually suffering from a nervous breakdown due to her stressful life, “her “Ebola scare” was all a ruse…” a lie” to cover up what we’re told is her crumbling personal life,” TMZ stated from sources who had spoken to them.

To add to the rumors of her emotional instability, Spelling posted a picture of her in her hospital bed with an IV in her arm and her hands crossed over her heart.

Along with the picture she wrote, “This sick in hospital I finally see how quickly life can take it all away frm you. We all need 2 step up frm inside& go 4 it! W/our friends by our side. Sadly I’ve finally faced truth that 1 person will never be there 4 me #TrueTori.”

The question remains who is she calling out with this sad message, many believe it is aimed at Dean, however he has been by his wife’s side the whole time.

There has been no update on when she will be healthy enough to return home.

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