Val Chmerkovskiy Blasts ‘Ignorant And Vile’ Trolls After PDA Pic With Amber Rose

Published on January 6, 2017.
Source: Daily Mail

Val Chmerkovskiy really doesn’t care what others’ opinions are of his relationship with girlfriend Amber Rose.

Earlier in the week, after months of speculation about their romance, Amber Rose finally spoke out about their relationship saying that they’ve been dating for about four months. She also shared a PDA-packed Instagram picture of the two sharing a kiss with the caption, “My love.”

Immediately fans of the Dancing With the Stars pro dancer took to social media to blast the relationship and Amber Rose, and Chmerkovskiy slammed them right back. In a series of now deleted tweets, he wrote, “It’s not surprising but still fairly disappointing how ignorant and vile people are.” He continued, “The hypocrisy. All these bible proverbs and absolutely zero follow thru. All this ‘love’ yet zero empathy. I’m speechless. TBH. Not because I have nothing to say. Just don’t have anything to say y’all capable of understand.”

After deleting the tweets sometime later, he returned to social media to share more positive sentiments, writing, “life’s beautiful stay focused. keep winning,” and, “It matters 0% what people who dont know you think about you. All that matters is what people who really know U and love U think about you.”

The dancer then took to his Instagram to share his own romantic photo of the day, letting everyone know haters are not going to get the two down.

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