Zayn Malik Responds To Twitter Feud With Louis Tomlinson

Published on May 7, 2015.

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The final break from Zayn Malik and his former band One Direction was made in a quick and scathing Twitter feud that involved himself, his new colloborator and producer Naughty Boy and his ex-bandmate Louis Tomlinson.

While the most scathing insults and the majority of the fight was between Tomlinson and Naughty Boy it got really intense when Malik got involved with a reply to Tomlinson after he had poked fun at a picture of Malik and Naughty Boy together.

“@Louis_Tomlinson remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine?” Malik wrote.

Of course with one of the biggest and most loyal fan bases in the world, One Direction fans quickly jumped in to show their support for Tomlinson and the band, turning on Malik and causing #TomlinsonSlaysAgain to trend on Twitter.

As a result Malik took to Twitter to stand up for himself, “Don’t know why I’m being attacked for defending myself , people got it twisted! I love my fans ?! Every single one of you x.” The feud comes as a surprise to many after both Malik and the band insisted that the split was amicable and that they would be “friends for life.”

Although Malik left under the pretense that the fame was too much and he wanted a “normal” life, it is becoming more and more apparent that he was sick of the shadow of the band and really just wanted his own music career, causing the tension that stirred up this social media feud.

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