Bold And The Beautiful: Plotline Predictions For March 2019

Published on February 28, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

The month of March on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) promises some jaw-dropping moments, as Thomas Forrester’s return to the sudser may cause major problems for Wally and possibly even Bridge. Viewers are also speculating that Flo will reveal the truth about baby Phoebe to someone this month. Read on for more B&B crazy plotline predictions for March 2019.

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12. Steam Reunion On The Way?

Steam fans rejoice – it looks like Steffy and Liam will ponder getting back together this month. Sister Wife Steffy handed the Flip-Flopper over to Hope back in the summer, and in March it looks like Hope will return the favor. Filled with guilt that Liam isn’t around for his daughter Kelly and Steffy’s adopted daughter baby Phoebe, spoilers show Hope will continue to encourage him to reunite with Steffy. But if he agrees, will Steffy take him back? All signs point to yes!

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11. Katie And Bill Bond

Speaking of reunions, speculation is that Katie and Bill will continue to get closer during the month of March and their biggest cheerleader will be their son Will. After a bitter custody battle in the fall, Will watched his parents grow apart, but lately, they’re getting along better than ever. And with Thorne’s departure from LA, it looks like Will’s wish that his parent’s get back together could be coming true. In Will’s corner are Justin and Donna, who have decided to play matchmaker, with the goal of reuniting Batie.

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10. Flo Confides In Taylor

The secret of baby Phoebe’s true identity is eating away at Flo from the inside. She feels guiltier about her part in the scheme by the day and feels compelled to tell someone about it so she can right this wrong. Viewers have been speculating that the person she confides in is Taylor. She knows Taylor is a respected doctor and believes Steffy’s mother will do the right thing and tell her daughter the truth about baby Phoebe.

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9. Taylor Stays Silent

Now that Steffy and ex-husband Liam are getting closer and Liam’s marriage to Hope is crumbling, Taylor will not want to do anything to prevent a Steam reunion. So, when she finds out that baby Phoebe is indeed the baby Hope lost, she will keep the secret from her daughter and from Hope. In her mind, she will believe she’s doing the right thing, as she had felt Hope had stolen her daughter’s chance at happiness when she married Liam. Taylor has also harbored a deep-seeded hatred for Hope’s mother Brooke, for stealing Ridge away from her all those years ago. This will justify her reasoning in keeping the secret about baby Phoebe’s identity.

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8. Sally And Thomas Reconnect

Y&R alum Matthew Atkinson debuts as Thomas Forrester on March 15 and Sally will be shocked when she runs into him this month. She assumed her ex-boyfriend was safely tucked away in New York City with Caroline and their son Douglas. She will have mixed feelings when he tells her he is back in Los Angeles to stay. But now that she’s happily involved with Wyatt, will Sally still be vulnerable to Thomas’ charms?

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7. Flo’s Connection To Wyatt

Throwing yet another wrench into Wally this month may be Flo. She will see Wyatt with Sally at the Bikini Bar when she’s working, and she will recognize him immediately. Spoilers are saying she is a former acquaintance of Wyatt’s. Could Flo be an old girlfriend or an ex-wife? Or, as other rumors have implied, did Flo and Wyatt run a con together in the past?

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6. Hope Meets Flo

After Zoe interrupts Flo at Bikini Bar, when it looks to her like she might be about to tell Hope the truth about baby Phoebe, she introduces her to Hope. She will tell Hope that Flo is Steffy’s adopted daughter’s birth mother. Later, Hope will tell Liam she met baby Phoebe’s birth mother. Liam will be extremely concerned for Steffy when he hears this. He is sure Steffy said the birth mother was from Las Vegas and she had headed home after the adoption. He will have a nagging suspicion that something is off about the whole situation.

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5. Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

No matter how Flo and Wyatt are connected, it’s obvious they are still on good terms because Wyatt will invite Flo over to dinner with him and Sally. When Flo arrives, she will be extremely nervous to see Hope and Liam there. She will hear about their sorrows since they lost baby Beth and, as if she didn’t feel guilty enough already, she will be absolutely mortified by her part in Reese’s scheme. But will Flo feel remorseful enough to tell Hope the truth?

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4. Douglas’ Paternity In Question

Viewers are speculating that with the return of Thomas, his son Douglas’ paternity will be a major plotline. From photos of Douglas released by B&B producers, it looks like the child has been SORASed to at least the age of five. Ridge had a vasectomy before he was married to Caroline and before she found out she was pregnant, so it was assumed Thomas was Douglas’ father. But what if the vasectomy didn’t take?

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3. Bridge’s Future

If Thomas tells Ridge that Douglas is his son, what could this mean for the future of Bridge? Back in the day, Caroline and Ridge were very much in love and only broke up because Ridge felt that Caroline should be with the father of her child. If Douglas is Ridge’s child, will he start to remember the feelings he had for Caroline and wonder if they should raise Douglas together? There have been rumors that B&B producers may recast the character of Caroline in the near future. If so, the return of Caroline could cause major problems for Bridge.

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2. Thomas And Hope Grow Close

Thomas will hear about Hope’s loss from Ridge and Brooke. He will visit her at the cabin with Douglas, and this will provide some comfort to her. Hope and Thomas were good friends in the past, being close in age and having grown up together. But if Hope and Liam do break up in March, and she starts seeing Thomas more often, will sparks fly between the two of them?

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1. Did Thomas Shoot Bill?

Although Taylor has memories of shooting Bill, are they in fact false memories? Could she have been blocking out the truth of what really happened on that fateful night? There is much speculation that someone else was the shooter. Could it have been her son Thomas? With the character’s return this month, it’s rumored Thomas will have a secret to reveal. Could the secret be that he was the one who shot Bill? Stay tuned to find out!

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