Bold And The Beautiful: Plotline Predictions For Spring 2019

Published on April 8, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

Winter brought loss and heartache for many on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). But will the dawn of a new season bring healing and romance? This spring, viewers can expect to see secrets revealed, couples reuniting, and a wrap-up to a rather short-lived ‘Who’s The Daddy?’ plotline and perhaps the start of another. Read on for 12 B&B crazy plotline predictions for spring 2019.

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12. Familial Romance?

Wyatt is currently in a committed relationship with Sally, but the two haven’t been getting along all that well lately. Sally stunned him recently when she decided to stay at Forrester Creations rather than join him at Spencer Publications. This could mean Flo will start to think Wyatt is more available than she had first thought. Rumor has it, she is going to kiss him again. Will he kiss her back? And could Flo and Wyatt’s seemingly budding relationship be more familial than they think?

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11. Daddy Bill?

With Flo’s mother arriving in LA, it’s looking like her paternity will be revealed in the spring. Spoilers tease her father could be Ridge, Eric or Deacon. Some are even speculating her father could be Bill. If this is the case, it brings up a whole heap of trouble for Quinn and Shauna’s friendship and Wyatt and Flo’s past relationship. The two dated in high school, but were they actually dating their sibling and didn’t know it?

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10. Shocker For Wyatt

Maybe Wyatt and Flo having been together is not so foul if it turns out Bill is Flo’s father but isn’t Wyatt’s. There’s been some speculation for years that Wyatt and Bill will find out Quinn lied to them and someone else is his dad. Viewers wouldn’t put it past Quinn to have fibbed for all these years, so Wyatt could get ahead in life as a billionaire’s son. But if it turns out Bill isn’t his father, who is?

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9. Wally Is Done

As much as Wyatt said he was fine with Sally reneging on her promise to work with him at Spencer, and starting a new fashion house, he really isn’t. He’s upset with her and it will start to bother him more and more as the weeks go on. He enjoyed working with Sally at Forrester and now that he’s quit to work for Bill, he’ll see less of her and more of Flo. All this could add up to the unfortunate break-up of this popular couple in the spring.

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8. Ladies, This Is The Final Rose

Due to the lack of single men on B&B these days, it looks like Thomas will become ripe for the picking this spring. He’s looking like the only eligible bachelor in town and the ladies will be clamoring for a piece of him. The two top contenders vying for him will be Sally and Hope. But who will receive the final rose?

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7. Old Familiar Feelings

As they start working closer together at Forrester, speculation says Sally will start having feelings for Thomas again. Her relationship with Wyatt is slowly falling apart. This is partly because she reneged on her offer to join him at Spencer Publications but also because his mother Quinn is meddling in his life again. She’ll remember how great she and Thomas were as a couple and wonder if they could make it work again. Of course, Sally will have no idea that her main competition for her ex is none other than Hope.

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6. Hope Sees Thomas Differently

Thomas is going to be one popular fellow this spring and Hope will also be looking differently at him in the coming weeks. Add to that her newfound affection for his son Douglas and she’ll start seeing him as more than a friend. Hope will begin to imagine a life with Thomas and Douglas and wonder if the three of them could become a family.

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5. Brooke’s Meddling Comes Back To Bite Her

It looks like Brooke’s meddling and her secret pact with Liam will come back to bite her hard this spring. When Hope finds out Liam made a secret pact with Brooke to keep an eye on her relationship with Thomas and Douglas, she will be furious. Although she’ll be angry with her mother, she’s mainly going to take this out on Liam. Brooke will be horrified and filled with regret when she sees the consequences of her actions.

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4. Hope Leaves Liam

Hope and Liam are growing apart as the days get longer and Hope has already told him once that their marriage was over. She even gave him his ring back and advised him to be with Steffy and her daughters. This time, there will be no talking her out of it. Hope will decide their marriage can’t be saved. Every time she looks at her husband, she sees the daughter she lost. She knows it’s not his fault, but she can’t help the way she feels. She will do what she feels is best for everyone and break up with Liam.

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3. Justin And Donna Reunion

Maybe there is one other eligible bachelor in town, but he may be off the market sometime soon. For the past couple of years, Justin’s only plotline has been as Bill’s sidekick. Since Donna’s return in the fall, all she’s really done is prop up Katie. This spring, writers may give this pair a storyline of their own and reunite them. Donna and Justin have been spending a lot more time together lately and old feelings will emerge. But will they decide to give it another go?

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2. June Wedding For Batie

Rumor has it, Katie and Bill will get married in June. This couple has been enjoying each other’s company a lot lately, partly due to the matchmaking skills of their son Will. Bill believes he could be happy with Katie again, but is Katie ready to open her heart to the man who stomped on it only a few short years ago? All signs point to yes! And when Bill gets down on one knee and proposes to her this spring, Katie will accept.

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1. Did Thomas Shoot Bill?

There have been a lot of rumors, with Thomas’ return to LA, that he has a secret he’s been keeping. He did reveal to several people that he and Caroline didn’t have an intimate relationship, but that hardly seems like a huge reveal. Could his secret be that he was the one who shot Bill last year? Taylor has confessed to the crime, but are her memories of shooting Bill false ones or was she covering up for someone else? B&B Executive Producer Bradley Bell did tease the ‘Who Shot Bill?’ storyline wasn’t over. Did Taylor confess in order to protect her son? Stay tuned this spring to find out!

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