Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For November 2018

Published on October 26, 2018. Updated December 31, 2020

November sweeps begin on the Bold And The Beautiful, and the upcoming month promises loads of intrigue and drama. After Bill’s brush with death, he vows to change his ways, but when he finds out Ridge interfered in Will’s custody case, his change for the better is going to be short-lived. Also, Quinn’s feud with Pam escalates and with the return of Eric’s ex-wife Donna, Quinn and Eric’s marriage could face some of its biggest challenges so far. Read on for more crazy and shocking B&B spoilers for November 2018.

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12. Blended Family Bliss

Hope and Liam will be preparing for the birth of their baby daughter in November, who will likely arrive sometime early in the new year. Hope is planning to bring back her Hope For The Future Line soon, but her main priority this month will be focusing on the health of her unborn child and becoming accustomed to her blended family with Liam, Steffy, and Kelly.

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11. Sister Wives Seating Chart

The Forresters, Logans, Spencers and Avants will gather together for Thanksgiving dinner again this year. Sister Wives Hope and Steffy will plan the seating chart together and, as is tradition, everyone will have to say something nice to the person seated on their right, before they dig into their turkey dinner. This could lead to some very uncomfortable moments. Viewers are hoping Quinn will be seated next to Pam and Ridge will be seated next to Bill for this annual B&B event.

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10. Intimates Success

Steffy’s Intimates line will continue to be an off-the-charts success. Steffy will amaze everyone at Forrester Creations as her line continues to take off and she will get major praise from Ridge, Eric and her team. This is also good news for Sally, as her stunning lingerie designs will continue to impress the Forrester clan. Watching Steffy’s line attain success, Hope will put on a cheerful face and congratulate her rival.

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9. Fast Forward Interns Return

The Emma, Xander and Zoe storyline will be back on the canvas in November. Emma will begin to learn the business side of Forrester Creations and will be concentrating on making her mark there, while Xander and Zoe continue to model for Intimates, the hottest fashion line at Forrester. This will bring Xander and Zoe closer together and put Emma at even more of a disadvantage in this love triangle.

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8. Brady Makes A Deal

Zoe’s dad will land in Los Angeles in late November, as Wayne Brady joins the cast of B&B. Brady, who also hosts the CBS game show Let’s Make A Deal, met head writer Brad Bell while visiting his daughter Maile, when she made her acting debut on B&B recently. He mentioned to Bell that he had watched the show as a kid and would love a role on the soap. Bell offered him the part of Dr. Buckingham shortly afterward. A spokeswoman for B&B told Entertainment Weekly Brady’s role will be of a “worldly, intelligent and sophisticated” doctor who “finds himself entangled in a web of passion and mystery.”


7. Distressing Dinner

As if Quinn hasn’t been dealing with enough these days, Donna has permanently returned to Los Angeles and it looks like she’s going to set her sights on Quinn’s husband Eric. Spoilers show Quinn is going to feel like a seventh wheel when she goes out to dinner with Eric, Donna, Brooke, Ridge, Katie and Thorne in early November.

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6. Mischief-Maker

Speaking of Donna, the Logan sister’s history with Eric will come into play in a big way this month. Donna is going to remind Quinn that she and Eric used to be very much in love when they were married and it’s going to put Quinn on the defensive, which is never a good thing. And rumor has it, Pam will persuade Eric to re-hire Donna as co-receptionist with her at Forrester Creations. Although Pam and Donna have had their own issues in the past, it’s obvious at this point that Pam would much rather see Eric kick Quinn to the curb and reunite with his ex-wife Donna.

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5. The Trouble With Thatie

Another marriage that could be in trouble this month is Thorne and Katie’s. When Katie learned of Thorne’s involvement in the brawl that put the father of her child in the hospital, she confronted Thorne about his part in it. But will she also begin to recall how it was Thorne pushing her to sue for sole custody of Will that started all the drama in the first place? Also, the fact that Thorne was happy his brother Ridge influenced Judge McMullen’s decision in the custody case will weigh heavily on her and she will start to look at her husband in a whole new way.

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4. A Changed Man

Dollar Bill’s near-death experience will give him a new outlook on life. When he wakes from his coma, he’s going to be looking forward to the future and hoping that future will include his ex-wife Brooke by his side. Of course, her marriage to Ridge won’t even be a factor in his mind. Bill will swear he’s a changed man and will try to fix his relationships with Liam and Wyatt. It wasn’t so long ago, however, that Bill made the same vow after he was shot and look how well that turned out! Just mere weeks later he was pursuing Liam’s wife Steffy.

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3. Indignant Dressmaker

Brooke and Bill will remain close and this will not sit well with Ridge. Even though the Dressmaker put Bill in the hospital by pushing him over his balcony, Ridge will remain unrepentant about the entire event and will continue to rage about Bill’s shameless pursuit of Brooke. Ridge will implore Brooke to not let his most recent transgressions come between them, but at the same time, he will once again confront Bill about going after his wife. Brooke, meanwhile, will continue to worry about Ridge’s out of control wrath when it comes to Bill.

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2. Guilty Little Secret

Brooke will continue to feel remorse for keeping Ridge’s influence on the custody case under wraps. She knows her husband’s actions resulted in Bill losing his rights to his son. But she also knows that if the information comes out, Ridge could go to jail. Brooke continues to meet secretly with Bill, and as their closeness grows, so does her guilt, as she harbors Ridge’s dirty little secret. But will she feel guilty enough to tell Bill the truth?

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1. The Truth Comes Out

Changed man or not, when Bill does learn the truth about Ridge’s manipulations on the outcome of the custody case, his anger will take over. Spoilers tease that the big secret will come out this month. Whether Bill hears it from Brooke or finds out through Justin’s digging into Judge McMullen’s background (rumor has it, Justin will tell his boss he’s on to something), viewers know Bill’s reaction is not going to be pretty. It looks like the gentler, calmer Dollar Bill will last about a minute. He is going to become more ruthless than ever and Ridge better watch his back, because Bill will be coming for him.

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