Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For August 2019

Published on July 31, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

August sweeps are on the horizon, and they will be epic, this month on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). The baby swap secret will finally come to light, thanks to Douglas’ unwavering honesty and Liam’s digging. And Hope will be joyfully reunited with the child she thought she had lost on Catalina Island in January. But what will the repercussions be for Steffy, Flo, Zoe, Shauna and Thomas? Read on for more B&B crazy and shocking spoilers for August 2019.

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12. The Truth Will Set Liam Free

Douglas has already given Liam a clue about what Flo and Thomas’ secret is. “Your baby Beth is alive,” he told Liam and Hope when Thomas left the living room at the cliff house. Hope then asked Douglas if he meant Beth was alive in her heart. But he kept insisting that wasn’t what he meant. Hope couldn’t take it anymore and went on her miserable way to her one-night honeymoon with Thomas. Just before they left though, Liam saw Thomas telling Douglas not to say “one word” about something. So, Douglas’ statement about Beth will stick with Liam. He will wonder if there is some truth in what the child has told them.

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11. Liam Confronts Flo

Spoilers tease that once Liam finds out Flo was never pregnant he will rush to the beach house to confront her. She will just be starting to confess all the sordid details of Reese’s scheme to Wyatt when he bursts in. He will demand to know the true story of baby Phoebe. Flo will be distraught and relieved as she confesses everything to Liam and Wyatt.

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10. Wyatt Blindsided

Wyatt will find out his perfect girlfriend Flo is not so perfect after all. He will be devastated this month when he finds out Flo knew his brother’s daughter Beth hadn’t died. He will be even more shocked when he realizes she had been an integral part of the baby swap from the very beginning. And deceitful Flo will attempt to save her relationship with Wyatt. But will he even want anything to do with her after all has been revealed? All signs point to no, as spoilers show Wyatt will tell Sally all about Flo’s deceit and will apologize to her, later in the month.

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9. Mad King Versus Good Knight

After Hope and Thomas have returned from their one-night honeymoon, Liam will head to Forrester to intercept them. Just as Liam begins to tell the truth, Mad King Thomas will hit him and try to make a desperate escape. He will drag a frightened damsel in distress Hope up to the Forrester Creations rooftop. But never fear, Good Knight Liam is here! Will he save the day? Spoilers tease Liam will catch up with the pair and demand that the king releases his prisoner. Then a classic soap battle will take place between Thomas and Liam. This is a confrontation that has been a long time coming and spoilers show it will end with Thomas fleeing in a helicopter.

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8. Only A Motion Away

Liam will reveal the truth, that Beth is alive, to Hope this month and she will be over the moon with happiness. Viewers should keep their box of tissues handy, as both Liam and Hope cry tears of joy when they are reunited with their baby. Later, Hope will be horrified when Liam fills her in on the details of the baby swap – that it all began with Dr. Reese Buckingham and finished with Thomas and his manipulations.

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7. The Handoff

There is a spoiler photo making the rounds that shows Steffy weeping in Ridge’s arms. Brooke is standing with Hope, who is holding Beth. And Liam has tears in his eyes as he watches Steffy’s devastation. Is this the moment when Hope gets to take Beth home? Spoilers indicate Steffy will be heartbroken and in disbelief when she realizes that baby Phoebe is being taken away from her.

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6. Arguing About Beth

Spoilers indicate the Forresters and Logans will have it out this month as Steffy and Hope argue about Beth. Will Steffy want a DNA test done to prove the child is actually Hope’s daughter? Or will she want a transition period before Hope takes the baby home? Could the argument take place because Hope wants to legally change Phoebe’s name to Beth? Regardless, it looks like the sister wife truce will be off. This is also likely to cause more problems between Ridge and Brooke, as both parents take their own daughter’s side in the argument.

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5. Delusional Designer

By mid-month, Thomas will still be in complete denial about his part in the whole baby swap secret. Still delusional after all that’s happened, spoilers reveal Thomas will try to convince himself he can win Hope back. But considering her reaction every time he tries to kiss her, it doesn’t look like that will be happening anytime soon. Will Thomas resort to more desperate measures now that Hope has left him?

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4. New Doctor In Town

In casting news, Vincent Irizarry will join the cast this month, in a recurring role, as Dr. Jordan Armstrong. “I can say that it has to do with the baby reveal (that Phoebe is Beth). I’ll be playing opposite all the main characters,” Irizarry said in an interview. Will Dr. Armstrong be an old friend of Dr. Reese Buckingham’s? And will he perform a DNA test on Phoebe/Beth?

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3. Raging And Railing

Flo will tell Brooke and Ridge that she never gave birth to Phoebe and that Beth is alive. Both will be horrified by the depth of Flo’s deception. Brooke will rage at Flo, Shauna and Zoe for their lies this month and spoilers show Ridge will also let them have it – big time! He will rail at the three women for keeping a secret that destroyed many lives in the process, including Steffy’s. Ridge knows his daughter will have to give up the child she’s been raising for the past five months and he also knows she’s going to be heartbroken.

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2. Arrests Coming?

Spoilers tease Detective Sanchez (Jeremy Ray Valdez) will return in August. Will he be making a couple of arrests? Thomas ran Emma off the road and left her for dead – could he be charged with manslaughter? Flo was an accessory to kidnapping, not to mention pretending to be the mother of a child that wasn’t hers to begin with. Surely there’s a charge for that. And both Zoe and Shauna could be charged as accessories after the fact. And what about Reese – will he be tracked down in Britain? Hopefully, The Three Stooges (Flo, Shauna and Zoe) will be led away in handcuffs. Viewers are hoping all three women, and Dr. Buckingham, will see the inside of a prison cell by the end of August.

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1. The Fallout

The baby reveal will continue to have major fallout on B&B for weeks to come. Spoilers tease that later in the month, Flo and Shauna will sneak into Hope’s cabin to explain themselves to her. Hope will lambaste Flo and Brooke while Katie and Donna will lash out at Shauna. Also, will Taylor return to take some blame for her, albeit innocent, part in the whole adoption fiasco? And will the secret also end up claiming Thomas’ life somehow, as some spoilers are suggesting? Keep watching to find out!

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