Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For Summer 2019

Published on June 17, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

With the arrival of summer, it looks like things will begin to heat up on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). According to Executive Producer And Head Writer Bradley Bell, the B&B will “take a dark turn,” which will include one character’s shocking death. Also, an unlikely couple will tie the knot and Steam will reunite. Read on for 12 B&B crazy and shocking spoilers for summer 2019.

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12. Location, Location, Location

Bell has stated B&B will go on location again sometime this summer. And speculation has it, the location could be Puglia, Italy. On their last night together as a married couple, Hope and Liam reminisced about their wedding in that romantic city. They even wondered if the lock with their names on it was still on the bridge. Could writers have teased viewers with a hint that B&B will return to Puglia? “It’s going to be a glamorous summer,” Bell told TV Insider.

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11. Forrester Fashion Show

Although it never looks like anyone is doing much work at Forrester Creations these days, isn’t the mighty fashion house long overdue for a fashion show? The last time viewers saw a show was Steffy’s Intimates preview in November 2018. Hope has been revamping her Hope For The Future line for months now. Will viewers be treated to a fashion show this summer? After all, isn’t fashion what B&B is supposed to be all about?

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10. A Dark Turn

Bell has also teased that with all the deception and lies going on, the soap “is going to take a dark turn” this summer. He has hinted in interviews that multiple deaths will take place before the baby Beth secret is revealed to Hope and Liam. So, who will die? Fan speculation still points directly at Xander, but there have also been rumors that Liam and Steffy’s baby daughter Kelly may get sick and could pass away. If Kelly does die, the show would definitely take a very dark and heartbreaking turn this summer.

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9. Another Potential Victim

Emma’s return to B&B in mid-June also makes her a potential victim. It won’t be long before she becomes privy to the baby swap secret. Although she’s Xander’s ex, she has no real loyalty to him anymore. She has also never liked Zoe and doesn’t really know Flo. Emma’s true loyalty is to Hope. If anyone is going to spill the beans, it will be Emma. A spoiler photo has emerged that shows a very angry Thomas with his hands on both of Emma’s arms. Emma looks equally angry. If Emma has learned the terrible secret, will she die before she has a chance to tell Hope the truth?

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8. Is Pam In Danger?

A spoiler photo shows Pam confronting her nephew at Forrester Creations. She’s begun to realize something is not right with Thomas and if anyone would know crazy when they see it, it’s Pam. Could she also find out the baby Beth secret? Everyone else in LA seems to be in on it, so why not Pam? But would Thomas harm his aunt to keep her quiet?

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7. Following In Stephanie’s Footsteps

After making threats to Zoe, Flo and Xander that they had better keep the baby Beth secret to themselves or else, Thomas will continue to check up on the three numbskulls this summer. He has already made it clear they better keep their mouths shut. Many viewers have noted that Thomas has become the new B&B villain. If so, he learned from the best – his grandmother Stephanie. So far, what he’s done is no worse than anything she would have done. Stephanie always tried to manipulate situations and people to get what she wanted. Forging the fake letter from Caroline was a page torn directly from his grandmother’s playbook. If Stephanie were still alive, she’d be cheering Thomas on.

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6. Associate Arrives In LA

Joe LoCicero is set to join B&B in a recurring role this summer. He will appear as Vincent Walker, who has been described as Thomas’ despicable colleague. He is slated to appear on June 27 and July 2. Could Vincent arrive in LA to help Thomas silence someone, or to help cover up a crime?

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5. Thomas’ End Game

In the end, what Thomas wants is not only for Hope to be a mother to his son Douglas but to have her all to himself. Through his manipulations of Hope this summer, he’s hoping she’ll forget all about Liam and fall in love with him. Bell has said Thomas imagines he and Hope “could be king and queen of the Forrester fashion empire.”

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4. Summer Wedding Bells

Will King Thomas claim his queen this summer? All signs point to yes! A spoiler photo posted to Facebook indicates a July wedding is coming up and it’s not who viewers think it will be – Katie and Bill – it’s Thomas and Hope. The photo shows Carter as officiant standing with Thomas, who is in a suit, and Hope, who is wearing a wedding dress.

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3. Vanished Characters Return?

Speaking of Katie and Bill, as soon as they were engaged and planned to reunite their family, it seems like they’ve fallen off the face of the earth. Ever since Katie asked Shauna to help her put Bill’s feelings to the test, Shauna has also disappeared from the B&B canvas. Will writers pay any attention to these characters this summer? Or will viewers be faced with a summer full of The Three Stooges (Zoe, Flo and Xander) arguing about the baby Beth secret?

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2. Steam Reunion

Liam has moved back in with Steffy, albeit into a guest room. But spoilers tease this won’t be for long. Steffy continues to glance at the Steam portrait hanging on her living room wall and is considering reuniting with her ex. She even has her Sister Wife Hope’s blessing to do so. Liam and Steffy have always gotten along famously, so how long will it be before Steam reunites officially?

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1. Baby Swap Secret Continues

B&B fans are hoping the baby swap storyline will come to an end this summer. Hope and Liam still believe their child died that fateful night on Catalina Island and it has already led to the end of their marriage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this plot will come to an end anytime soon and it may continue well into the fall. By the time the secret about baby Beth does come out, will Hope and Liam have already moved on with Thomas and Steffy? Stay tuned this summer to find out!

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