Bold And The Beautiful: Plotline Predictions For September 2019

Published on August 28, 2019. Updated August 30, 2019

Ridge is on the warpath as he battles Flo, Thomas and Brooke this month on The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Viewers are also speculating about what will happen to Thomas when he awakens from his coma. Plus, tragedy will strike Bill and Katie. Read on for more B&B crazy plotline predictions for September 2019.

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12. Lope Reunion Ruined

Since Hope and Liam have had their daughter Beth back, all has been sunny and rosy in their world. But this is a soap, so there are several scenarios that could happen, and probably will, to throw their happy little family into disarray this month. There are also people who could ruin things for Lope – specifically two siblings – Steffy and Thomas.

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11. Thomas Blackmails Hope

Realizing her mother Brooke was the one who caused him to be injured and that she could go to jail for what she did, there is some speculation that Thomas will blackmail Hope to stay in their marriage. He may threaten her that he’ll tell the police the truth unless she stops the annulment proceedings. But will Hope agree to it?

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10. Thomas Has Amnesia

Other speculation indicates Thomas could wake from his coma with no memory of who he is or the terrible things he has done. Hope will feel guilty for her part in what has happened to him and will decide to stay married to him. But if this is the way writers are taking the storyline, will Thomas actually have amnesia, or will he be faking it?

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9. Steffy Pregnant

Another issue that could throw a wrench into Lope’s happy reunion would be a Steffy pregnancy. Did she and Liam use any protection during their one-night hook-up after Thomas drugged Liam’s margarita? There was a moment when Liam and Hope were breaking the news to her that Phoebe was Beth in which Steffy said she felt like she was going to be sick. Was this a hint to viewers that Steffy is pregnant?

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8. Busy Detective

Detective Alex Sanchez will have his hands full this month. He will be eager to question Thomas when he wakes from his coma, not only regarding running Emma off the road, but also about his accident at the cliff house. And Ridge will be horrified to learn from the detective that he believes Thomas may have contributed to Emma’s accident. Ridge will then head to the hospital to confront his son with some tough questions.

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7. Ridge Cheats On Brooke

Spoilers tease that Brooke and Ridge will get into yet another huge argument about Thomas, which will result in Ridge spending the night with another woman. But who will it be? Viewers are speculating it will be either Quinn or Shauna. Quinn is happily married to Eric, but it wasn’t so long ago that she and Ridge were attracted to each other and even kissed several times. Will Ridge show up at his father’s house and Quinn will lend him a shoulder to cry on? Will spark fly between the two? Other rumors indicate Shauna will try to make peace with the Forrester family and it will backfire spectacularly. Will she run into Ridge somewhere and the two of them will end up hitting the sheets for some hate sex?

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6. Douglas Custody Battle

Depending on what happens to Thomas after he wakes from his coma, there is the issue of who will take care of Douglas. Recently, the boy has been in the care of his grandfather Ridge and his wife Brooke, but this has only been a temporary arrangement. Hope mentioned to Liam that she’d like Douglas to live with them. So, will viewers see Lope battling Thomas for custody of Douglas?

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5. Quinn Keeps Meddling

Quinn will continue to encourage her son Wyatt to reunite with Flo, despite all her lies and deceptions. She feels that everyone deserves a second chance and really, if anyone is the queen of second chances, it’s Quinn. She’s been forgiven for all her past deeds, including kidnapping Liam and holding him hostage for months. So, Quinn believes what Flo has done is pretty mild in comparison to her past crimes.

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4. Wally Reunion

It turns out Wyatt is not going to listen to his mother, as spoilers tease he will reunite with Sally, despite Quinn’s objections. And rumor has it, the pair will share a kiss this month. Sally was touched when Wyatt apologized for not trusting her and the pair will happily reunite in September.

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3. Orange Is Flo’s New Black

It looks like Flo will be sitting in jail for a while, as speculation states she won’t make bail at first. And during a visit with her mom Shauna, she will begin to grasp the impact of her actions. Flo will also be shocked to receive an unexpected visitor this month when Ridge comes by with questions about Thomas. He will tell Flo she’s gotten what she deserves, and he hopes she rots in prison.

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2. Tragedy Strikes Katie And Bill

A spoiler released by CBS for B&B’s season premiere week (September 16) indicates that tragedy will strike Katie and Bill. Could it have something to do with their son Will? Surely writers wouldn’t go that route at this point, considering all the tragedy that has occurred in the past six months. Other speculation shows some viewers think Katie could find out she’s pregnant but lose the child shortly thereafter.

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1. Bill Defends Brooke To Katie

Spoilers tease Bill will be busy this month. First, he’ll pay Thomas an unexpected hospital visit, then he’ll promise Brooke he will find hard evidence against Thomas. Also, Bill will defend Brooke to Katie when she catches the pair in a close moment. Brooke is upset and can’t believe Ridge is blaming her for what happened to Thomas at the cliff house. She’s also terrified she could go to jail for pushing Thomas off the cliff. Katie, however, has every right to be suspicious of her sister and her husband, considering their past history and betrayal. But would Brooke and Bill really cross the line again? Stay tuned!

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