Bold And The Beautiful: Plotline Predictions For Summer 2019

Published on June 17, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

Spring ushered in the renewal of Thomas’ obsession with Hope and the destruction of two couples – Wally and Lope – on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). And it looks like summer will bring about someone’s untimely demise. Viewer speculation is rampant on who will lose his or her life and the list of potential victims is building. Read on for 12 B&B crazy plotline predictions for summer 2019.

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12. Did Thomas Kill Caroline?

Some fans are speculating Caroline’s death back in March may not have been due to natural causes after all. Did Thomas have something to do with it? Was the fact that he told everyone he and Caroline were platonic co-parents a hint? There was a time, not so long ago, when Thomas’ obsession was Caroline. She was married to his father Ridge when he took advantage of her one evening, after she had taken prescription pills and had too much to drink. That union produced Douglas. Was Thomas still obsessed with Caroline and she wanted nothing to do with him? Did he figure out a way to kill her and cover it up? If so, could the truth be exposed this summer?

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11. Death Comes To LA

Executive Producer and Head Writer Bradley Bell has teased that B&B will take a “dark turn” this summer and multiple deaths will befall the LA fashion world. Many viewers are speculating that whoever dies, Thomas will be responsible for it. But will the deaths be accidental and somehow the result of Thomas’ carelessness, or will something a lot more sinister occur?

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10. Potential Victims

This leads to the question, with at least one death coming this summer, who will meet their demise? The list of possible victims is growing and includes Xander, who has butted heads with his girlfriend Zoe and most recently with Thomas, over keeping the baby Beth secret from Hope. Another potential victim is Emma, who will also find out the secret and will insist on telling Hope. Zoe and Flo are also privy to the secret, which puts them at risk, although it doesn’t look like either of them will die. Even Pam could end up heading toward an early grave, as she will start to realize something is up with Thomas, and it’s not good. But which one of them will die?

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9. Emma’s Shocking Return

Emma Barber will return this summer and will immediately be thrown into the thick of things. Rumor has it, she will find out the truth about baby Beth very quickly. More than likely, she will overhear The Three Stooges (Zoe, Flo and Zander) discussing their shameful secret and will insist on telling Hope. Thomas will get wind of this, and there is a spoiler video that shows him holding Emma’s arms while he yells at her. Will she fight back, and could it cost Emma her life?

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8. Nefarious Colleague

Or, could Thomas’ associate be responsible for whoever gets killed? Joe LoCicero is coming to the B&B canvas this summer in a recurring role as Vincent Walker. How Vincent and Thomas know each other hasn’t been revealed yet, but viewers can be sure this new character will cause nothing but trouble in LA.

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7. Is Hope In Danger?

Thomas’ obsession with Hope has already gone way beyond psycho territory. Everything he does these days, including keeping the baby switch secret and making threats against everyone else who is in on it, is to maintain his control over her. He’s already convinced her to annul her marriage to Liam. Hope is still heartbroken over losing Beth and she has been susceptible to Thomas’ machinations, but what if she suddenly snaps out of it? If Hope starts pushing back against Thomas, could her life be in danger?

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6. Reluctant Bride

A spoiler photo indicates that Thomas will indeed get his way. The photo shows Carter officiating a marriage between none other than Thomas and Hope. It doesn’t seem like Hope will miraculously fall in love with Thomas this summer, and she will likely marry him so she can officially become a mother to his son Douglas. After all, she did annul her marriage to Liam for the “sake of the children.” But will Hope find any satisfaction in a loveless marriage with Thomas?

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5. Medical Condition

Some viewers are speculating that Thomas’ obsession with Hope and his crazy behavior lately is a symptom of a much larger problem. Is Thomas acting this way because he has a medical condition like a brain tumor? It would definitely explain a lot. A few years ago, Thomas’ Aunt Pam had also become obsessive and crazy and had threatened Donna’s life multiple times. At one point, she held Donna hostage at the Big Bear cabin, covered her with honey and coaxed a bear into the cabin. It was later discovered Pam had scar tissue on her brain after she had fallen down some stairs as a young girl. If it turns out Thomas has a similar medical problem as Pam did, can he be rehabilitated, and his character redeemed?

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4. Bridge Continue To Disagree

Ridge has been concerned lately that he and Brooke’s children and their problems will come between them. Bridge are still deeply in love but aren’t even close to seeing eye to eye when it comes to Steffy, Thomas, Hope and Liam. Will their children’s current difficulties tear their relationship apart this summer?

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3. Batie Wedding

Viewers are speculating that another B&B wedding will take place this summer. Katie and Bill got engaged back in May which, in soap opera terms, means they are long overdue to get remarried. Will fans be treated to something more enjoyable than The Three Stooges discussing the baby swap secret? Could a summer wedding be in the works for Bill and Katie?

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2. Will Wyatt Figure Out The Truth?

As the summer season continues, Flo and Wyatt will fall even more deeply in love. Flo has never been happier, but with the baby Beth secret hanging over her head, she knows her romance is doomed the moment the secret is revealed. Just as Xander realized there was something going on with his girlfriend Zoe, Wyatt will begin to wonder what is weighing on Flo, as they spend even more time together. After overhearing the three buffoons talking about Hope’s stillborn baby, he’s already become a little suspicious. But will Wyatt finally figure it out – and could he be the one to reveal the truth to Hope and Liam?

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1. Will Steam Find Love Again?

The Waffler has always been in love with two women – Hope and Steffy – and the Sister Wives seem fine with passing him back and forth between them once a year. Hope recently lobbed him back over to Steffy, when she annulled their marriage, and within days of this, Steffy had invited Liam to move back in with her. But will Steam find their way back to each other and fall in love all over again this summer? Stay tuned to find out!

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