Bold And The Beautiful: Plotline Predictions For December 2019

Published on November 27, 2019.

Brooke and Ridge’s marriage will end after Brooke is unable to forgive Thomas on The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) this month. Also, after she thought she had committed an unthinkable act, will Hope start developing romantic feelings for Thomas, despite herself? Plus, will a character who viewers haven’t seen since 2018 return home from Paris for the holidays? Read on for 12 B&B plotline predictions for December 2019.

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13. Relief Turns To Love

Speculation teases Hope’s relief that Thomas is still alive and didn’t meet his end in the vat of hydrofluoric acid may turn to feelings of love. Or did those feelings for him always exist? Hope believes in her romance with Liam but is it just a fantasy? After all, when she was at her most miserable moment, thinking her baby had been stillborn, she pushed Liam aside and confided in and married Thomas. Has she been in love with Thomas all along?

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12. Is Thomas Playing Hope?

Thomas knows that when he fell into the vat, Hope took off and left him. He also knows she hid the fact that she thought he had met his end from his father Ridge. But instead of berating her, he told Hope she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. He also said he wasn’t “the monster that your mother says I am.” How ironic would it be if Hope started developing real feelings for Thomas, only to find out he’s been playing her in some grand scheme to oust the Logan women from Forrester once and for all?

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11. Liam And Hope’s Relationship Woes

Liam still loves Hope, but the way she’s been acting lately sure hasn’t endeared her to him much. He wasn’t in favor of pursuing custody of Douglas, but he also now knows about her pushing Thomas into the vat at Forrester Creations. Hope also confessed that she thought there was hydrofluoric acid in the container, and she’d thought Thomas has met his end. Throughout the month of December, Liam will begin to see Hope in a new light and wonder how she could be capable of keeping such a horrible secret from him.

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10. Put A Ring On It

Spoilers tease Sally will suggest to Wyatt that they elope, which will lead Wyatt to make a life-changing decision. His proposal was a spur-of-the-moment decision anyway and considering he hasn’t even bought Sally an engagement ring yet and he still harbors some feelings for Flo, will he decide to break off their engagement? Or will he further his commitment to the fiery redhead and agree to a quickie wedding?

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9. Has Flo Recovered?

Speaking of Flo, will Wyatt’s high school sweetheart return to the B&B canvas in December? Her portrayer, Katrina Bowden, posted on Instagram in early November that she was taking a break from the soap to film a movie in Australia. The character has been put on the backburner, supposedly recovering from donating her kidney to Katie. But will Flo be back in time to celebrate the holidays with her mom?

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8. Holiday Wedding Bells?

Katie has also been missing from viewer’s screens since the kidney transplant back in mid-October. Will viewers see her in December? Bill and Katie are engaged and when Katie went through her health crisis recently, Bill declared his undying love for her. But with Brooke’s marriage to Ridge falling apart, Batie’s relationship will be put to the test. Could a December wedding be in their future, or will Bill be tempted by a newly single Brooke?

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7. Thanksgiving Drama

With the Forrester annual Thanksgiving dinner pushed to this month due to impeachment hearing pre-emptions, viewers can expect to watch the families enjoying the American holiday early in December. Shauna will attend the event for the first time and is thrilled that Ridge is there and she’ll get to spend time with him. But will viewers also see Charlie and Pam preparing the feast, as in previous years? Spoilers also tease that Liam and Hope will spend baby Beth’s first Thanksgiving together with Douglas.

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6. Ridge’s Impossible Request

In order to heal their marriage, Ridge makes an impossible request of Brooke this month. He wants her to forgive Thomas. He believes it’s the least she can do, considering she had thought Thomas had met his demise and she hadn’t even told him. “I came to you and asked if you knew where my son was and the only thing you told me was that he tried to trade custody of his son,” Ridge told Brooke recently. “For 24 hours, you and Hope thought that my son was gone, and you didn’t tell me.” But will Brooke agree to forgive Thomas in order to save her marriage?

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5. Gold Digger

Spoilers indicate Shauna will move much closer to attaining her ultimate goal in December, that objective being a romantic relationship with Ridge. She’s been biding her time, as she listens to Ridge unload all his problems on her. But once Ridge’s marriage is over, will he and Shauna take their relationship to the next level? And once Shauna gets her hooks in him, will she ever let him go?

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4. Forrester Playboy

Viewers are speculating that Ridge will get what he deserves if he breaks up with Brooke for good. He wants his wife to agree to all his demands, including forgiving his son, who she can’t stand, and yet he’s been playing around on her with Shauna every chance he gets. Brooke has no idea her husband has had another woman waiting in the wings for him all along. Ridge seems to have reverted to his old playboy ways and yet acts sanctimonious when it comes to Brooke’s actions. Will Brooke find out Ridge has been kissing Shauna behind her back and will he get what’s coming to him in December?


3. Ringing In The New Year

Will Liam ring in the New Year with Hope and baby Beth or Steffy, Beth and Kelly? Speculation teases that Hope could abandon Liam and their daughter Beth and may spend New Year’s Eve with Douglas and Thomas, just as she left Liam and Beth on Halloween to spend the holiday at the Forrester estate. Will viewers see a Steam kiss and a Thope kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve? 

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2. Steffy And Hope Battle

It looks like the month of December will see even more conflict between the Sister Wives. Spoilers indicate Steffy will confront Hope about adopting Douglas. She’s concerned that her brother Thomas has given away half his parental rights to her nephew and she’ll accuse Hope of being selfish. Hope just got Beth back and Steffy will ask her why she needs Douglas too. She’ll also tell her she’s risking her relationship with Liam, knowing how he despises Thomas.

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1. Home For The Holidays?

B&B fall spoilers had indicated there would be a new storyline for Maya involving a love triangle with Rick and Carter. If Rick does indeed return home just in time for Christmas, who will play him? Jacob Young exited the soap in 2018 and hasn’t been seen since. Justin Torkildsen, who played the part of Rick from 1999 to 2006, was seen on the B&B set this past August, setting off fan speculation that he would return to the role. Viewers have been hoping to find out why Rick and Maya broke up late last year. But there hasn’t been any hint of Rick’s return so far and there’s also been no sign of Maya. Has this potential love triangle been pushed to the backburner, or will we see Rick return to LA for the holidays? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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