Bold And The Beautiful: Plotline Predictions For January 2020

Published on January 7, 2020.

A new decade brings new possibilities for Flo and she’ll be determined to win back Wyatt, this month on the (B&B). Also, Thomas will continue to manipulate Zoe and after experiencing heartbreak at the hands of Liam and Steffy, Hope will be looking for payback. Read on for 12 B&B plotline predictions for January 2020.

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12. Bill And Katie Plan A Wedding

Speculation teases Bill will ask Katie to get married as soon as possible. She has recovered from her kidney transplant surgery and Bill wants them to be a real family again with their son Will. Many fans are wondering if Batie will begin planning a Valentine’s Day wedding. The romantic holiday meant heartbreak for Katie last year, when Thorne walked out on her. So, will Bill and Katie make their reunion official on the most romantic day of the year?

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11. Dollar Bill Does Some Digging

Speaking of Bill, spoilers show that early in the month, he will pay a visit to Hope and Beth. Although he’s there to see his granddaughter, Bill is not one to let the grass grow under his feet and he’ll ask Hope how her relationship with Liam is progressing. Bill and Liam have come a long way in repairing their father and son bond and Bill wants to make sure his son is enjoying a happy home life.

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10. Baby Beth’s First Birthday

Will Hope and Liam celebrate their daughter Beth’s first birthday this month? If so, viewers will likely see flashbacks to the night Beth was born and taken from them and all they went through during the following months. Lope will then remember when Beth was finally returned to them and they became a family. They will also be grateful to Douglas for setting them on the right path and reuniting them with their daughter.

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9. Moving On

Still obsessed with Hope but finally seeing the signs that Hope isn’t interested in him at all, Thomas will begin to wonder if maybe he really should move on with Zoe. He started dating Zoe to make Hope jealous but in January, he’ll suddenly realize he now has a beautiful woman at his side who has real feelings for him. Will he reciprocate those feelings and commit to Zoe?

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8. Doubting Thomas

Just when he thinks he may move on with Zoe, Thomas will walk in on a conversation between his new girlfriend and his sister Steffy. The hair on the back of his neck will stand up and he’ll suspect there’s more to their conversation than they’re letting on. His suspicions will be raised, and Thomas will begin to suspect Zoe is somehow in cahoots with Steffy. But will he guess what they are up to?

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7. Master Manipulator

Zoe will start to be convinced that she and Thomas have a future together and speculation teases that Liam will be upset when he realizes Thomas is already manipulating Zoe. Steffy rehired Zoe at Forrester Creations as a double agent, to spy on Thomas. But will Thomas turn the tables on Liam and Steffy’s plan? Spoilers show that Liam’s greatest fears will be verified when Zoe gushes to him about her feelings for Thomas.

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6. Liam Proposes

After a confrontation with Thomas, Liam will be spurred on to propose to Hope. But he will have one condition. Speculation teases he’ll tell her all about Thomas threatening him and he will ask her to stop working with Thomas at Forrester Creations. In a stunning move, Hope may refuse to comply with Liam’s stipulation. She wants her Hope For The Future Line to win the fashion showdown and she knows it’s way too late to hire another designer. Hope will think Liam’s stipulation is unfair and she’ll tell him so.

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5. Hope’s Frustration

Spoilers indicate Hope will continue to be frustrated, having to share Liam with Steffy and Kelly. She wants a man who is 100 per cent dedicated to her and her daughter, and in January she will begin to realize that Liam can never be fully committed to her. Rumor has it, Hope will also walk in on Steffy and Liam kissing at Steffy’s beach house and will be devastated. On the flip side, although she’s guarded around Thomas, Hope knows he would be unwavering in his devotion to her, but he seems to have moved on with Zoe.

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4. Thomas Encourages Shauna

Thomas will admit to Shauna this month that although he’s enjoying spending time with Zoe, Hope is still the end game for him. Shauna won’t be surprised, as she knows Thomas has been obsessed with Hope for months. He will also encourage Shauna to continue to go after his father Ridge and will tell her she has his full support. Shauna will be flattered, but she’ll also speculate on whether she should convey Thomas’ true motives to Ridge.

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3. Ridge Gives Up

Speaking of Ridge, he will persist in pleading with Brooke to forgive Thomas in January. But near the end of the month, he will finally decide he needs to give it up. Brooke is stubborn when it comes to Ridge’s son and she will refuse to see Thomas for anything but the manipulator that she believes he is. A frustrated Ridge will tell his wife that he’s going to file the divorce papers and they are done for good.

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2. Flo Fights For Her Man

With her mother Shauna’s encouragement, Flo will make a major decision about Wyatt. She’ll decide to stop sitting on the sidelines while Wyatt makes wedding plans with Sally. Flo is still deeply in love with her high school sweetheart and she knows he’s forgiven her for her part in the baby Beth secret. She also knows Wyatt admired her sacrifice, when she donated her kidney to her aunt Katie. Viewers can expect Flo to fight for her man in January. But will she be able to tempt Wyatt away from Sally?

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1. Revenge Is Sweet

Once she gets over what she witnessed between Liam and Steffy, Hope will be out for revenge. She will be more determined than ever to win the fashion showdown against her sister wife. And spoilers tease she will pull out all the stops to do just that, including late nights working with Thomas. But do Hope and Thomas have what it takes to beat Steffy and Sally? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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