Bold And The Beautiful: Plotline Predictions For November 2020

Published on October 30, 2020.

November sweeps are coming, and the excitement is building on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Thomas’ psyche will take a dark turn, and as his behavior goes downhill it could spell danger for Hope. Plus, Quinn will vow revenge after she’s kicked out of Eric’s house. Learn more below in the B&B plotline predictions for November 2020.

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12. Honey Bear Beeline

Since Donna’s return to the B&B canvas in late 2018, she’s been hoping she’d have another chance with Eric. Once he kicks Quinn to the curb, Donna will not be shy about how she still feels about him. Rumor has it, she’ll make a beeline straight to her Honey Bear. But will Eric want to move on from Quinn so soon?

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11. Romantic Competition?

There may be another bee buzzing around Eric in November. Speculation teases Shauna will be touched by Eric’s generous offer to let her move into the Forrester guest house. She may even have stars in her eyes when he invites her up to the main house to have martinis with him one evening. But would Shauna risk Quinn’s wrath by pursuing her husband?

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10. Quinn Vows Revenge

Quinn will spend the first part of the month begging for forgiveness and when she doesn’t get it, she’ll wallow in self-pity. But as the weeks go on, she will get over her heartbreak from losing Eric and Quinn will find herself on the warpath. Not only will she vow revenge against Brooke for convincing Eric to dump her, but she may also plot payback on her former bestie when she finds out Shauna is still living on the Forrester estate.

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9. Unwanted House Guest

Speaking of Quinn, Wyatt will be ready to rip his hair out the longer his mother stays at the beach house with him and Flo. He had been hoping Eric would take his mother back, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon and he’ll be stuck living with her. Will Quinn’s presence at the beach house cause problems for Flo and Wyatt?

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8. Thomas’ Dangerous Delusion

Viewers have seen that Thomas is now confusing the Hope mannequin for Hope herself, and vice versa. He will continue to hear its voice inside of his head. In the coming weeks, he’ll no longer be arguing with himself about whether the dummy is real or not. Rumor has it, Thomas’ behavior will go downhill fast. He may begin to believe the doll is the real thing and Hope is the imposter.

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7. Hope At Risk

Hope will begin to suspect that something isn’t right with Thomas, but she’ll also have no idea that he may be a threat. Speculation indicates the Forrester designer will decide that the only way to make the voice in his head go away is to destroy the mannequin. But he’s been confusing the dummy with the real Hope, so will she be in danger?

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6. Liam On Alert

Liam will continue to be on alert when it comes to Thomas. When he, Hope and Steffy talked about how they were one big happy family, Liam was quick to mention that, unfortunately, Thomas is also a part of their dynamic. He also said he’d be keeping his eye on him. “Even when nobody believes me, Thomas keeps proving time and time again that he’s disturbed,” the Waffler told the two Sister Wives.

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5. Bridget’s Return

Bridget will be back in Los Angeles in early November. And it seems she’ll be working at the hospital. Rumor has it, she may run into Finn or Dr. Escobar. Does she know either one of them or are they somehow connected? Also, will she have time to reconnect with her mother and her aunts?

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4. Bill And Katie’s Crossroads

Bill and Katie will be at a crossroads in their relationship this month. Katie is an independent woman who feels she’s had enough of Bill and his shenanigans. She will vow not to take him back. But spoilers tease the couple will be confronted with something that takes over their lives in the next few months. Batie will then decide either to give their relationship a go, or head in separate directions for good.

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3. Getting To Know You

Steffy will begin questioning Finn about his background. She’s in love with him and wants to hear about his parents, any siblings, and his past romantic relationships. Steffy’s life has been an open book for Finn but, so far, she really doesn’t know much about him at all. Will Finn finally open up to Steffy in November?

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2. Finn’s Family Connections

What are Finn’s familial connections, if any? Characters aren’t often introduced to the B&B canvas without having any close relatives. When Flo appeared in LA last year, viewers found out she was Storm’s daughter, which made her Hope’s first cousin. Both Liam and Wyatt ended up being Bill’s sons. Will Finn turn out to be Quinn’s long-lost son and Wyatt’s twin brother? Or, imagine the irony if he ended up being Liam’s brother.

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1. Paris Comes To LA

Speculation teases Zoe’s sister Paris will arrive in LA for some charity work. She’ll be excited to reunite with her sister, but Zoe may not feel the same way. And sparks will fly between Paris and Zende, which will not please the Forrester model. Zoe is currently having her cake and eating it too. She’s enjoying her relationship with Carter, but at the same time, she’s savoring the attention she receives from Zende. Will her sister’s arrival put an end to her flirtation with Zende? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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