Bold And The Beautiful: Plotline Predictions For September 2020

Published on September 1, 2020.

Steffy will be wary of Hope’s intentions when it comes to her daughter Kelly, this month on The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Zende’s return to LA may create a new love triangle between him, Carter and Zoe. Plus, will Eric begin to unravel Quinn and Shauna’s lies? Read on for more B&B plotline predictions for September 2020.

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12. Steffy Becomes Dependent

Rumor has it, Steffy will become dependent on her pain medication to get through her days. And as she continues to take the pills, she’ll start to realize that not only do they help her relieve her physical pain, they ease her emotional ache as well. When Liam and Hope take Kelly over to their place for a sleepover one evening, she’ll be at home alone, having flashbacks to her life with Liam. Viewers will see her take a pill to relieve her emotional distress.

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11. Thomas Pushes Steffy

The only person who has recognized that Steffy is still not over Liam is her brother. In the coming month, Thomas will do his best to push his sister to admit her feelings. He knows she’s still pining for Liam, the picture on her living room wall proves it, and he believes that to move forward she needs to move on from The Waffler. Luckily, Dr. Finnegan may help her do just that. Speculation teases Steffy and Finn will bond and become closer in September.

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10. Hope Makes A Suggestion

Hope will suggest to Steffy that she and Liam should take care of Kelly while Steffy is recovering from her injuries and Steffy will flip out on her. As her reliance on her medication surges, Steffy will have an intense reaction to the suggestion. She will accuse Hope of trying to steal Kelly away from her.

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9. Suspicious Mind

Feeling more alone than ever, Steffy will be extremely wary of Hope’s true intentions. Not only did Hope take Liam away from her, but she also took her baby daughter Phoebe. Hope is also now also raising Thomas’ son Douglas. Steffy will become paranoid in the coming weeks that Hope is up to something and is planning to snatch Kelly as well.

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8. Lope Consider Custody

Steffy is right to be suspicious, as speculation teases Hope and Liam may consider suing Steffy for temporary custody of Kelly. Lope will see that Steffy is relying on her pain killers and they are both worried she’s becoming hooked on them. Liam won’t want to take Kelly away from his ex, but Hope may tell him it is the only way they can protect his daughter.

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7. New Love Triangle?

Carter and Zoe will spend more time together in September and just as they start falling for each other, Zende will arrive in Los Angeles. He’ll announce to the Forresters that he and Nicole have broken up. And then Zoe will catch his eye. But will he vie for her affections and end up competing for her with Carter?

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6. Nicole And Maya Return

With Zende coming back to the B&B canvas, Executive Producer Bradley Bell has promised viewers they will also see the return of Maya and Nicole. But will they come back in September? It’s likely both women will be licking their wounds since their marriages didn’t last. Maya and Rick broke up in 2018 and Nicole and Zende just recently split. Other speculation indicates Maya may make a play for Zende, which could cause friction between the sisters.

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5. Brill Reunion?

Rumor has it, Bill will pursue Brooke this month and he won’t give up until she’s his again. He knows she’s hurting from Ridge’s betrayal and will want to be there for her, telling her to consider him her knight in shining armor. Bill will pull out all the stops to romance her and will even suggest they take a romantic trip together. Will viewers see a Brill reunion in September?

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4. Ridge Commits To Shauna

Ridge will tell Shauna he wants to give their marriage a go. He’s had it with Brooke and all the drama that comes with her and he’s ready to settle down with an honest woman who loves only him. Shauna will be ecstatic when Ridge asks her to move in with him at the Forrester estate, so they can live as man and wife.

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3. Quinn And Shauna Disagree

Speculation teases there may be trouble in bestie paradise coming up in September. Shauna is thrilled that Ridge has finally committed to their marriage, but she’s not sure if she can make it work with a lie hanging over it. She’s always been truthful with Ridge and she’ll want to confess to him about what really happened on their wedding night in Vegas. On the other hand, Quinn does not want the truth coming out and she’ll argue with Shauna that if she comes clean with Ridge, it will destroy her marriage to Eric.

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2. Eric And Katie Talk Bridge

Eric and Katie will gossip about the latest mess Ridge and Brooke have found themselves in. They’ll discuss Ridge’s drunken wedding to Shauna and the complications that created. Katie may even divulge to the Forrester patriarch that her relationship with Bill is over because of his obsession with Brooke. But will she mention that she found out Bill declared his love for Brooke because she overheard Quinn talking about it at Spencer Publications?

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1. Eric Is Wary

Speculation teases that after his conversation with Katie, Eric will begin to wonder if Quinn had anything to do with Ridge and Brooke’s breakup. He knows she’s firmly on Team Shauna, but he will speculate on what lengths Quinn might have gone to in order to keep her bestie married to Ridge. Will Eric do some digging and end up being the one to blow Quinn and Shauna’s lie out of the water? Stay tuned to B&B to find out!

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