Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (April 12 – 23, 2021)

Published on April 13, 2021.

Knowing his son could crack at any minute, Bill will put Liam on lockdown, coming up on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Thomas may become the prime suspect in Vinny’s murder. Plus, will Zoe’s practical joke cause lingering health effects for Paris? Learn more below in the B&B plotline predictions for April 12 to 23, 2021.

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12. Paris Is Ill

Speculation teases Paris may not have felt the last effects of her sister’s practical joke. As viewers know, Quinn left some of Eric’s digestive herbs sitting on her desk and Zoe took the liberty of generously adding them to Paris’ smoothie. Zoe was pleased when she heard that her prank ruined Paris’ date with Zende. However, Zoe may regret her actions when her sister is still feeling ill days later.

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11. Eric Is Worried

Speaking of Eric, he’ll confide in Ridge that he’s worried he and Quinn might not make it. It’s been a long, tough haul since they reunited. He still doesn’t trust her, and the electricity seems to have gone out of their once fiery relationship. Of course, Ridge is no fan of Quinn’s, so will he encourage Eric to dump his wife?

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10. Zende Implores Carter

Zende will implore Carter to take Zoe back. He’ll tell his friend he’s sorry his flirting with Zoe got so out of hand. Then he’ll try to convince him that nothing happened, and nothing ever will happen, between he and Carter’s former fiancé. But will Zende be able to gain back Carter’s trust, or will the Forrester COO tell him to get bent?

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9. Zoe’s Plan

Zoe will come up with what she believes is a brilliant idea to win back Carter: she’ll tell him she’s expecting. After all, she and Carter lived together for months, so a pregnancy is a possibility. It won’t be true, of course, but she’ll figure if Carter believes her and she can seduce him just once, maybe she’ll get pregnant for real.

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8. Thomas Is Livid

An emotional Thomas will be livid that someone would hit his best friend and just leave his body lying in the middle of the road. But Thomas will be even angrier when Lieutenant Baker tells him that whoever hit Vinny did it on purpose and the investigation into Vinny’s death has turned into a murder investigation.

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7. Baker Questions Thomas

Still upset after seeing his best friend’s body, Thomas will be stunned when Lieutenant Baker implies that he’s the main suspect. The lieutenant is aware that Thomas had broken off contact with his former best friend after he was arrested for tampering with the paternity results. But does he also think Thomas could have killed him?

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6. Another Suspect

Another prime suspect in the case may be none other than Finn. He has the motive – Vinny changed Steffy’s paternity test and nearly ruined his life. He was angry enough to deck Vinny during an argument in the lab, but was he irate enough to kill him? Unfortunately for Finn, he may not even have an alibi, as his fiancé Steffy was out of town with Kelly on the night Vinny met his demise.

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5. Will Bill Frame Thomas?

When Bill gets wind that police are questioning Thomas as a suspect in Vinny’s murder, he’ll get an ingenious idea. Why not frame the Forrester designer for Vinny’s demise? Bill can’t stand Thomas, so he would like nothing more than to take any possible suspicion off his son and put it directly onto Thomas’ shoulders. So, what will Bill do to frame him?

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4. Pressure Cooker

Liam will feel as though he’s been thrust into a pressure cooker as he grapples with the fact that he killed a man. Keeping a secret like this is eating away at him. He can’t sleep and he can’t eat. All he sees when he shuts his eyes is Vinny dying on the road because of him. But will Liam crack under the pressure and confess?

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3. Liam On Lockdown

Bill will watch his son struggling and realize he’s a time-bomb just waiting to go off any minute. If he lets Liam leave the house, he’ll surely run into someone he knows and may even confess on the spot. Bill will decide the best course of action is to make sure his son doesn’t go out on his own. He’ll inform Liam he’s on lockdown and that if he needs to leave for any reason, Bill will accompany him.

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2. Bill Lies To Wyatt

While protecting one son, Bill will lie to the other. Speculation teases Bill will outright lie to Wyatt when he asks why Liam is acting strangely. Viewers will recall Bill told Wyatt that Liam had been having nightmares and was sleepwalking. So, he’ll use that as an excuse and will tell Wyatt that his brother hasn’t been sleeping well. But will Wyatt believe him or keep pressing for answers?

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1. Who Really Killed Vinny?

Rumor has it, Vinny may have been severely injured by the time Liam hit him. He’d just been released on bail when he was beaten up badly by someone as he walked home. But did he stumble into the oncoming car, or was he pushed into the road on purpose? And if so, who did it? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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