Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (August 16 – 27, 2021)

Published on August 17, 2021.

Out of love for Carter, Quinn will choose to salvage her marriage with Eric, coming up on The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B). Also, Jack Finnegan will struggle to choose between his marriage and his son’s safety. Plus, what are the odds we meet one (or possibly more) of Finn’s siblings over the next two weeks? Let’s look beyond the spoilers with B&B plotline predictions for August 16th through 27th, 2021.

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12. Is Jack The Biological Father? 

Jack’s contempt for Sheila seems to go much further than overhearing some gossip about the woman. He found her contemptible before she even arrived, and looked like he was about to assault poor Aunt Pam when he mistook her for Sheila under that veil. If he’s Finn’s biological father, it would explain Jack’s intimate dislike of Sheila as well as keeping Li in the dark about his “adoption process”.

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11. A Deeper Secret

If Jack is the father, we have to also consider that his arrangement with Sheila went further than just a one-night stand. If he’s willing to lie about his relationship with Sheila, it stands to reason that the way Finn’s life converged with Steffy’s wasn’t just a matter of chance. Could Sheila have played puppeteer behind the scenes of Finn’s life, possibly with Jack’s help?

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10. Keep Li Out Of This!

Spoilers have teased that Jack will lay down a serious warning on Sheila this week, but he seems like the person for Sheila to blackmail first. Finn’s dad surely has something to hide, and Sheila will threaten to tell Li her version of the truth. Viewers will find out what kind of a man Jack is, when he’s torn between a truth that could ruin his marriage and his son’s safety.

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9. Rebuffed!

Finn will get constant warnings about Sheila Carter over the next two weeks, both from his new in-laws, the Forresters, as well as his adoptive parents, Jack and Li. But tough words won’t be enough to dissuade the young doctor from seeking out a better understanding of his birth mother. When Finn implores Steffy to be reasonable and give Sheila a second chance, the bride will hit the roof!

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8. Finn Will Lie

Feeling as though he has no recourse, Finn will lie to Steffy in order to spend time with Sheila. He hasn’t made up his mind about whether he’ll keep in touch with his bio mom long-term, but he also won’t shun her simply because other people (who aren’t blood relations) are instructing him to. Little does Finn know that by lying to Steffy and getting closer to Sheila, he’s putting everyone he loves in dire jeopardy.

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7. Paris Will Play Both Sides

Paris will promise to keep Finn’s secret, as she knows how confusing it can be to forgive a villainous parent. But that means she’ll also have to play dumb around Steffy, and probably cover for Finn’s absence. Although she’ll agree to play this role initially, Paris will struggle to maintain the charade, the longer it goes on. We’ve seen Ms. Buckingham have a crisis of conscience when it came to her sister’s engagement to Carter; how will she handle another one?

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6. Whose Heart Emoji?

When Sheila schemed access to Finn’s mobile phone number and messaged him, Finn’s phone replied with a heart emoji. Did Finn really send this emoji, mere minutes after promising Steffy he would cut off all contact with his birth mother? Or, since we didn’t see Finn actually type that emoji himself, could Paris have sent it? It’s hard to believe that Finn, who seems to be an all-around kind person, would so quickly betray his bride. Conflicted? Sure. But conniving? I wouldn’t have thought so.

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5. A Sibling

When Hope Logan shared with Liam that Sheila had multiple children in previous relationships, it primed viewers to expect one of Finn’s siblings to emerge at some point down the road. Perhaps Steffy will find Finn’s sibling while doing ancestry searches, either in an attempt to call Sheila’s bluff, or in the interest of baby Hayes’s genealogy.

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4. Lots of Siblings

On the other hand, Sheila may enlist some of her offspring to help her win over Finn. Five children have been attributed to Sheila Carter from her relationships with Scott Grainger, Massimo Marone and Tom Fisher  and that doesn’t include Finn. So, if Sheila is hoping to change the Forrester narrative around her, she might need some family of her own to step forward.

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3. Two Unclear Futures

Quinn’s romantic future just forked onto two distinct but equally cloudy paths. If she chooses a public romance with Carter, she might cost the Forrester COO his career. And yet if she chooses Eric, who recently did a 180-degree turn and shared his desire to save their marriage, she’ll have to part ways with a man she just professed her love to. Indeed, Quinn loves Carter so deeply, she’ll leave him so that she doesn’t ruin the career he worked so hard to achieve. It will break Quinn’s heart to do this, but she’ll believe it’s the right choice for everyone.

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2. What Is Eric’s Plan Here?

Are any other viewers struggling to make sense of Eric’s sudden change of heart? Some fans are claiming that revisiting the Sheila nightmare made him realize that one affair shouldn’t capsize his otherwise healthy relationship with Quinn, but I’m not convinced. Could Eric be looking for a way to take Quinn’s mind off of his fortune, while he also places a wedge between her and Carter?

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1. All Eyes On Honey Bear

Eric’s in the crosshairs of two storylines right now: the lingering resolution of Queric’s marriage (or divorce), and the re-emergence of his ex-wife, Sheila. Expect Donna Logan to bind these two storylines together, when she tries to revive a romance with her Honey Bear. Not only will she complicate whatever plan Eric is hatching with regards to Quarter, but judging from Donna’s harsh commentary on Sheila, she’ll come face-to-face with the villain soon!

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