Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (August 2 – 13, 2021)

Published on August 3, 2021.

Steffy and Finn will encounter more hard truths, coming up on The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B). In addition to the return of Sheila Carter, the newlyweds will have to figure out just what Finn’s parents, Jack and Li, know about Finn’s past — and any possible ramifications on Hayes. Also, what does the future hold for Quarter? We’re thinking a lot! Let’s look beyond the spoilers with B&B plotline predictions covering August 2nd through 13th.

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12. Finn’s Backstory Is Just Beginning

The wedding of the century will go forward on August 5th, and over the course of the following episode, Steffy and Finn will be married! That’s the good news. Unfortunately for the newlyweds, bad news is popping up all around them some of it is speculative, and some of it is definite. In the definite column is Finn’s shadowy history. While Steffy had no issue with Finn’s revelation that he was adopted and why would she? she was concerned that half of baby Hayes’ medical history is unknown. It appears that Finn’s dad might have some unfortunate intel on that front!

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11. We Don’t Know Jack

Steffy might not have to wait very long to get some answers. When we met Jack Finnegan last week, he was struggling with a family secret. Upon Li’s arrival, there was some conflict between them about whether Finn should “find out” now, or after the wedding. It would be a natural tie-in to our first plotline prediction that Jack and Li know at least one of Finn’s biological parents and their identity might be a problem!

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10. Finn Has A Lot To Process

Finn may be oblivious and indifferent about his birth parents at the moment, but that’s going to change in short order. If he finds out that his biological mother is none other than Sheila Carter (as reported) and she’s the mysterious woman intruding on Sinn’s wedding day, he’ll be shell-shocked. And if he finds out that Jack and Li have known the truth all along, he’ll be resentful about being kept in the dark. However it happens, Finn is about to go from wedding day bliss to family drama!

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9. Steffy Will Be Floored

If Sheila Carter claims to be little Hayes grandmother and just as suddenly, Steffy’s mother-in-law the Forrester clan will be beside themselves. How can they trust this conniving troublemaker, let alone embrace her as family? Was the wedding just a pretense for her bombshell announcement, or is she truly looking to turn over a new leaf? Steffy will be in the impossible position of having to trust Sheila.

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8. Could Jack Be Finn’s Bio Dad?

The way Jack spent last week grimacing and worrying about Sinn’s online wedding announcement, it seems likely that Jack knows Sheila pretty well. Could it be possible that he is in fact Finn’s birth father and he kept Finn away from Sheila up until now? And if so, does Li know the full truth as well? Sheila’s arrival should prove to set off some dynamite at Forrester Estate.

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7. What About Paris?

Moving on to the speculative column, Paris will become a problem at the cliff house, because what else could she possibly be doing there? For Ms. Buckingham to take up residence with these virtual strangers, B&B writers must have big plans for her involvement in future Sinn drama. Will she be revealed as unhinged, like her sister and father were? Or will she wind up in a troubling conspiracy with Finn’s parents?

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6. Liam Is Back Onscreen

Die-hard B&B viewers know that no detail in the script is extraneous; as with Quinn’s floral print dress, we bookmark all of these hints for future consideration. Well, when Steffy had to defend her relationship with Liam as being strictly platonic (not once, but twice!), she didn’t really sell it as well as she could’ve. Will Liam give off any unresolved vibes as he watches his ex getting married?

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5. The Perfect Vantage Point

Considering everything that Liam and Hope just went through, it would be a hasty plot development to have Liam suddenly wanting Steffy again. But B&B never drew a firm line under Steffy and Liam’s separation, and they’ve been floating with a degree of ambiguity ever since. As maid of honor, could Hope have the perfect vantage point to catch an incriminating expression on Liam’s face during the ceremony?

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4. Thomas Moves On

After some speculation that Thomas wouldn’t attend the wedding as his alter ego Matthew Atkinson was taking some holiday time away from the canvas we now know that Thomas will be on hand to watch his sister get married. Looking stylish with his hair pulled back, Thomas will soon have his eye on a new love interest. Will Logan feel a twinge of jealousy now that Thomas (the hero who saved her husband) no longer dotes on her every movement?

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3. A Baby For Quinn?

Another recent detail that’s sure to end up significant is Quinn’s recent remark about being unable to provide Carter with children. I mean, really… what could possibly raise the dramatic stakes more than if Carter, who’s representing Eric in his divorce proceedings, finds out he’s expecting a baby with Eric’s wife, right when they go to trial?

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2. A New Test For Quarter

If Quinn and Carter end up prego, there’s no telling what the future holds. These two have real chemistry, so if they can survive the divorce proceedings intact, they might be raising a little one in a year’s time. Or, this development could spell certain doom for Carter’s career and Quinn’s chances of netting some Forrester fortune.

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1. A Bigger Secret

If Quinn’s offhand remarks about being too old to conceive are truly foreshadowing a baby surprise, it seems likely that Quarter will keep it a secret. Both of them will be over the moon about this miracle baby, but will have too much to lose by making the news public. And since we know just how terrible Quinn is at keeping secrets, we have to wonder what will happen next on B&B!

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