Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (December 13 – 24, 2021)

Published on December 14, 2021.

Steffy will play matchmaker between her parents, coming up on The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B). Meanwhile, much to Brooke and Sheila’s dismay, Taylor will make her presence known. Also, Hope will discover where Deacon’s been living! Looking beyond the latest spoilers, these are B&B plotline predictions for December 13th to 24th, 2021.

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12. Ridge and Taylor Will Continue To Bond

If their recent scenes are any indication, Ridge and Taylor will no doubt continue to bond over the next few weeks. Not only were sparks evident between them, but they laughed together as they bonded over their growing grandchildren. As Ridge will help Taylor find her footing in LA, the good doctor will support him as he processes his marital troubles with Brooke.

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11. Steffy and Thomas Push The Parents Together

Family unity will be a major talking point between Steffy and Thomas as well. With their mother back in town and warm feelings aglow, the siblings will be playing cupid this holiday season. “I think, deep down, he’s still in love with Mom,” Steffy recently declared to Thomas. Who wouldn’t encourage the mischievous glances darting back and forth between these co-parents?

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10. Will Steffy Play Fair? 

In trying to reunite her parents, Steffy might try to stack the odds in her favor. Will this mean fanning the flames between Ridge and Brooke as a means of ending her dad’s suffering? At least that’s what Steffy might tell herself; in truth, she has other reasons to involve herself. Steffy has already condemned Brooke’s handling of Deacon, who represents a threat to her family in more ways than one!

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9. A Casual Conversation

Over the coming weeks, Steffy will likely have a run-in with Brooke and gush about her mother’s return. She’ll casually mention how breathtaking Taylor looks, and how happy everyone (including Ridge) is that she’s back in LA. By playing on Brooke’s insecurities, Steffy will put the onus on Ridge’s wife to save her marriage.

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8. A Past Mistake

Will Steffy weaponize some details that Taylor recently shared about Brooke’s affair with Deacon, and how it caused Ridge a great deal of grief? The fallout of that mistake has long haunted Brooke, and she’d be furious that Taylor (of all people) is dredging up her past in judgment.

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7. Taylor Will Confront Brooke

And Steffy isn’t the only visitor Brooke will receive in the coming weeks! Taylor will also confront Logan and make it clear that she isn’t just dropping by for the holidays. Rather, Taylor’s return is open-ended and focused on making up for lost time with her family. Will that include Ridge? Absolutely.

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6. Taylor Gets Serious 

However, making up for lost time also means getting up to speed with her family’s current crisis: the return of Sheila Carter. Taylor’s first order of business will be investigating Sheila’s claim of being Finn’s birth mother, something that no one has done yet. So how will this renowned psychiatrist approach the issue?

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5. Fact-Checking Jack

It’s incredible that no one has requested a DNA test of Sheila Carter, especially her supposed son — a doctor. Instead, everyone has leaned on Jack’s account – hardly the most trustworthy character in the room – as proof of her maternal bond to Finn. So will Taylor seek out Jack in an attempt to learn more about the chronology of their affair?

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4. Could Sheila Be Wrong About Finn?

A revelation that Sheila isn’t Finn’s birth mother is entirely possible, although it would be a convoluted story to explain why Sheila feels so strongly that Finn is her son. Being Hayes namesake and all, will Taylor take up the task of uncovering the truth about Finn’s lineage? Ridge would certainly throw some resources toward backing that mission.

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3. Brooke Will Trust Deacon

In a recent conversation with Katie, Brooke declined to say outright whether Deacon is a changed man. However, everything else she said implied that she’s on the cusp of accepting Deacon’s transformation. “He’s tired of living his old life, he’s tired of hustling to get by,” Brooke explained of her ex. Even if she’s still on the fence, she’ll trust Deacon for Hope’s sake.

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2. Deacon’s Home Address

Speaking of Hope, she’ll soon learn that her father is living in a broom closet. As she and Deacon have continued to grow closer, she’ll make a vow to spring Deacon out of his derelict abode. Will Hope decide to pursue Liam’s idea about moving out of the cabin, on the condition that Deacon moves in?

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1. Another Confrontation

Between Ridge’s protests and Hope’s ultimatum, Brooke has been in an impossible position. So when her daughter approaches her with the details of Deacon’s living conditions, how will Brooke respond? Once again, Logan will have to choose between supporting Hope’s desire to have Deacon in her life, and Ridge’s refusal to do the same!

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