Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (December 5 – 16, 2022)

Published on December 6, 2022.

Sheila will have to choose whether to go on the lam or stay in L.A., coming up on The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B). Will Deacon have any say in the matter? Meanwhile, Thomas will lose everything, as Bill braces for war. Let’s look beyond the latest spoilers with B&B plotline predictions for December 5th through 16th, 2022.

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12. Sheila’s Still Alive?!

L.A.’s medical examiner may have been fooled by Sheila’s bear mauling, but Finn isn’t! After Detective Sanchez drops off his birth mother’s “remains”, the good doctor will concoct a theory that Sheila severed the toe herself. When Steffy arrives to greet him in his lab, she’ll be grossed out and alarmed at the realization that the woman who shot them both is still breathing!

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11. Deacon Will Panic

Steffy and Finn will drop by Deacon’s bachelor pad and surprise the ex-con with their theory. Mr. Sharpe is far too complicit in Sheila’s fugitive status to confess anything, so he’ll pretend he’s stunned. As soon as “Lina” returns home from her latest reconnaissance mission, he’ll tell her the jig is up. He’ll instruct her to move out and get a head start on the authorities, who will be in hot pursuit soon enough!

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10. This Isn’t Over

When Deacon sounds the alarm to Sheila, he shouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t take his advice and skip town. After all, Deacon’s been asking his roommate with benefits to leave for months now, without success. But viewers shouldn’t be surprised either: Sheila portrayer Kimberlin Brown is on contract with B&B, so this isn’t her big finale – not by a long shot.

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9. What Will Sheila Do?

Since Sheila’s endgame is getting closer to Finn and baby Hayes, she might not even mind that Finn knows she faked her own demise. In her deluded mind, she’ll believe she can orchestrate an opportunity to connect with him again. However, even Sheila can’t overlook the fact that there will be three charges of attempted murder leveled against her. So, can she make any inroads with her family as “Lina”?

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8. Will Deacon Have To Run?

As for Deacon, he’ll feel the walls closing in on him as the authorities reopen the manhunt for Sheila Carter. He can’t risk returning to prison, or losing the connection he’s fostered with Hope, so Deacon might find himself choosing between Sheila and his freedom. Will he confess all to Hope and Brooke? Deacon portrayer Sean Kanan is also locked into a two-year contract with B&B, so don’t expect this storyline to climax over the next two weeks.

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7. At A Crossroads

Another character who will have to choose between his dark past and a reformed future is Thomas. Fans were hoping that a freshly rehabilitated Thomas would find a new love in L.A., but those dreams came crashing down after he framed Brooke for the Child Protective Services (CPS) call and became obsessed with Hope again. So, will Thomas bend toward the darkness or the light?

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6. Thomas Goes Dark

As teased in B&B’s spoilers for the next two weeks, Brooke will confront Thomas about his CPS scheme. However, Ridge’s son will offer no contrition for his actions. As far as Thomas is concerned, Brooke was going to break his dad’s heart again at some point, so he just helped speed up the process. If his lack of remorse doesn’t signal a return to the dark side, the consequences Thomas will have to pay might push him over that edge.

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5. You’re Fired!

Thomas will find himself adrift when Ridge disowns him. His father will make it clear that he cannot trust him any longer, personally or professionally. So, in collaboration with Steffy, Ridge will also have him fired from Forrester Creations. Adding to his free-fall, Thomas will lose Hope’s support. Without these anchors, Thomas will have nowhere to go but down.

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4. Douglas’ Custody

In what’s sure to be the most devastating loss, Thomas will forfeit access to Douglas. Although he can still take Hope and Liam to court and ask for custody, his circle of supporters will abandon him. Without Ridge’s influence, or Steffy and Taylor’s support, Douglas will remain with Hope and Liam. And most crushing of all, Douglas will want it that way.

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3. Common Ground

As it happens, Thomas’ misfortune is dovetailing with another character “going dark” – Bill! Over the next two weeks, the elder Spencer will take a hard look in the mirror and realize that his nice guy routine has been an utter failure. Brooke rejected his stallion impression, while Katie reiterated her indifference to him. Thomas and Bill have famously disliked each other for years, but could they find common ground with a devious scheme?

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2. Bill Braces For War

B&B spoilers tease that Liam will feel uneasy when he visits his father and gets a vintage Dollar Bill vibe! Bill will be cagey and riled up over recent setbacks, as his son attempts to calm him down. However, what really disturbs Liam will be catching a glimpse of the sword necklace around Bill’s neck. Who is Bill planning to go to war with – Ridge, Deacon, or maybe Carter?

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1. Katie Grills Carter

Katie’s been getting deeper involved in a relationship with Carter as of late, and was thrilled when he stood up to Bill. However, she’s had her share of heartbreaks and will confront her beau about his past before she allows herself to fall in love. How will Carter react when Katie asks him about Quinn? Can he say with certainty that he no longer has a place for Ms. Fuller in his heart? Viewers will have to tune in to find out!

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